21 Best White Rappers with Braids and Dreads Hairstyles

Ever notice how braids and dreads aren’t just hairstyles but statements that transcend cultures and music genres? Well, if you’ve been digging through playlists and social media to find the best white Rappers with Braids who rock these iconic hairstyles, you’re in luck. 

In this ultimate guide, I’ll unveil the “21 Best White Rappers with Braids and Dreads Hairstyles”, ensuring you get a front-row seat to this fusion of style and rhythm.

Let’s get started!

Introduction to White Rappers with Braids and Dreads

Hip-hop isn’t just about the music; it’s also about making a statement with your fashion and style. Braids and dreads are super iconic in hip-hop, rooted in African traditions and showing off the culture’s rich history. 

Lately, even white rappers are rocking these hairstyles, using them to show respect and connect with hip-hop’s roots. This mix of styles has sparked some debates about cultural appropriation, but it’s also started important conversations about respect and hip-hop’s worldwide impact. 

By looking at white rappers wearing braids and dreads, we see an excellent blend of styles and beats that show how hip-hop keeps evolving and embracing diversity. It’s all about celebrating the creativity and different influences that make hip-hop what it is today.

How Braids and Dreads Matter in Hip-Hop Culture

Braids and dreads carry deep historical and cultural significance, especially within the Black community, as symbols of identity, resistance, and heritage. 

In hip-hop, these hairstyles are more than just fashion choices; they’re potent statements of solidarity, personal expression, and connection to African roots. 

Moreover, the adoption of these hairstyles by hip-hop artists underscores the genre’s inherent ties to African culture and its continuous influence on global music and style trends. 

This engagement with culturally significant hairstyles not only showcases hip-hop’s adaptability and inclusive nature but also sparks important dialogues about cultural appropriation versus appreciation. 

Through their style choices, artists can pay homage to the genre’s origins while contributing to the ongoing evolution of its identity.

Rappers with Braids & Dreads Hairstyles

1. Travis Scott

Travis Scott

Travis Scott is shaking up how we see the White Rapper in the music scene. His iconic braids prove that White Rappers can stand out and push boundaries with their style. His braids aren’t just a personal choice; they’re a statement, inspiring other White Rappers to embrace their uniqueness and express themselves in new ways.

He proudly showcases his identity as a White Rapper with braids, making it a key feature in his album art and packaging, like in ‘Astroworld.’ Travis is committed to staying true to his roots while daring to be different.

This approach is fresh air, showing that being yourself and owning your style makes an artist memorable. Travis Scott is one of the leading examples of how hip-hop culture continues to embrace and evolve with diverse identities.

2. Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg’s iconic dreads are a staple in the world of hip-hop. His hair adds to his calm persona and reflects his journey as an artist and individual. In addition, gossip has been sporting dreads since the 90s, and they have become an integral part of his signature style.

Through Snoop Dogg’s hair, we see the evolution of hip-hop as a genre and its incorporation of different cultural elements. His dreads are not just a fashion statement; they represent the fusion of African, Jamaican, and American cultural influences in hip-hop music and fashion.

Snoop Dogg’s dreads have also symbolized Black pride and empowerment. He continues to inspire future generations of artists to embrace their heritage and roots through their style.

3. Nicki Minaj

    Nicki Minaj is known for her bold and colorful style, which also extends to her hair choices. From bright pink wigs to long blonde locks, Nicki constantly changes her hair, showcasing her versatility and creativity as an artist.

    Her colorful hair also represents the diverse and dynamic nature of hip-hop, a genre that embraces a multitude of styles, voices, and identities. Nicki’s ever-changing hair reflects this diversity and serves as a reminder that there is no one way to be a successful hip-hop artist.

    Furthermore, Nicki’s hair choices are also a statement of empowerment. Through her ever-changing hairstyles, she challenges societal beauty standards and embraces her individuality. In doing so, she inspires her fans to do the same and celebrate their uniqueness.

    4. J. Cole

    J. Cole

    J. Cole is known for his no-frills and laid-back style; his hair also reflects this. He rocks a simple, low-cut hairstyle that symbolizes his down-to-earth personality and unpretentious approach to music.

    But beyond being a personal choice, J. Cole’s hair also represents the authenticity and rawness of his music. He stays true to himself and his musical and personal roots, which are reflected in his hairstyle.

    Additionally, J. Cole’s hair reminds us that success in hip-hop doesn’t always have to come with flashy hair or clothes. Talent and authenticity genuinely matter, and J. Cole embodies this through his music and style.

    5. Kendrick Lamar

    Kendrick Lamar

    Kendrick Lamar’s hair has undergone several transformations throughout his career, from dreadlocks to a short afro. Each hairstyle represents a different phase in his life and music, showcasing his artistic growth.

    But beyond just personal changes, Kendrick’s hair also carries cultural significance. His locks were influenced by the Rastafarian movement and served as a way for him to connect with his African roots. And now, his short afro is a nod to the Black Power movement of the 1960s.

    Kendrick’s hair choices show that hip-hop is about creating music and using your platform to bring attention to important social and cultural issues. And in doing so, he has become a powerful voice for the Black community.

    The Grammy-winning Rapper uses every line he writes to paint vivid pictures, often detailing his journey as a Compton native and later as a successful hip-hop artist.

    Plus, his music is like a stage where he talks about important stuff like social justice and shines a light on things he cares about, like poverty and how the police treat people.

    His messages make you think, spotlighting black history and the vitality of racial equality. They hit home with listeners.

    Lamar has influenced many up-and-coming generations of rappers with this signature sound that is authentically his own.

    6. Chance the Rapper

    Chance the Rapper

    Chance the Rapper is shaking up the hip-hop scene. With his upbeat tunes and deep, meaningful lyrics, he’s shot to fame super fast since he first appeared in 2013. And he’s done it all without signing to a major record label—he’s stayed independent.

    This independence gives Chance the freedom to create authentic, heartfelt music. His lyrics often touch on love, faith, and social justice themes.

    Chance also uses his platform to give back to his Chicago community. He has started various initiatives to support the city’s education, mental health, and anti-violence efforts.

    His unique style and musical talent have earned him numerous accolades, including three Grammy awards. And he continues to push boundaries and inspire others with his artistic vision.

    7. A$AP Rocky

    A$AP Rocky

    A$AP Rocky is not just a rapper; he’s a fashion icon and creative genius. His unique style and experimental sound have made him stand out in hip-hop.

    Rocky rose to fame with his mixtape “Live.Love.A$AP” in 2011, which caught the attention of major record labels. But he chose to stay independent and sign with his label, A$AP Worldwide.

    His music often blends elements of different genres, including hip-hop, electronic, and even psychedelic rock. And his fashion sense is just as eclectic, drawing inspiration from streetwear and high-end designer brands.

    Rocky’s influence goes beyond music and fashion. He has also used his platform to speak out on social and political issues. He has been vocal about police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement and has even used his music videos to make powerful statements.

    With a strong sense of self-expression and artistic vision, A$AP Rocky continues to pave his path in hip-hop and will continue to be a significant player in music and fashion for years.

    8. Lil Wayne

    Lil Wayne

    Lil Wayne has been influential in hip-hop, dominating the mixtape and rap industry for over a decade. 

    The New Orleans native made a splash with his debut album Tha Block Is Hot at just 16 and quickly became one of rap’s standout voices, dropping hits like “Go DJ,” “Lollipop,” and “A Milli.” 

    He also rocked a tracklist with Travis Scott, 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa, and Post Malone on Mike WiLL Made-It’s 2017 project, Ransom 2. 

    Throughout his career, Lil Wayne has been the sound of Southern hip hop, influencing cities like Atlanta, the Florida Keys, Houston, and Memphis. 

    Fans will be thrilled to hear he’s not slowing down anytime soon, promising more lively tunes for years.

    9. Busta Rhymes

    Busta Rhymes

    Busta Rhymes is another White rapper who loves to rock the White rapper braids look. He has been wearing this hairstyle since the 90s, and it has become a signature of his style.

    He adds vibrant colors and cool accessories, giving him that unique edge. He often goes for a two-strand twist style, which adds an extra pop to his look. 

    It’s like he’s showing how White rappers can own their style with a bit of creativity. Those braids aren’t just a hairstyle; they’re a statement of individuality and creativity for White rappers.

    10. Ludacris


    Ludacris is another White rapper who loves to wear White rapper braids. He often wears his White rapper braids in a long, flowing, stylish, and masculine style. 

    He’s not a White rapper; that’s a mix-up. But man, does he rock those braids! He styles them in all these cool ways, like long and flowing or in neat cornrows and two-strand twists. Sometimes, he even throws in a splash of color to stand out.

    Ludacris shows how you can express yourself with this hairstyle, adding a bit of edge and rebellion to his look. It’s all about showing off that unique style and individuality, right?

    Speaking of rappers with braids, legends like Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, and Ludacris have made them an iconic part of rap culture. This hairstyle isn’t just a look; it’s a statement and here to stay.

    Seeing these icons rock their braids is super inspiring for anyone who’s into rap culture. It’s an excellent reminder of how hairstyles can be a powerful way to express yourself and your music.

    11. Erykah Badu

    Often called the “Queen of Neo-Soul,” this singer-songwriter nails the blend of rap, soul, and R&B, racking up awards and gathering a solid fanbase. Her smooth, sultry voice and deep lyrics strike a chord with millions, and it’s not just about the music.

    Her iconic headwrap-adorned dreadlocks have also turned her into a fashion icon, adding to her overall charm and appeal.

    12. Wiz Khalifa

    This Rapper is known for his chill vibe, catchy tunes, and hooks you can’t forget. He’s a household name now, with hits that top the charts and many awards.

    Plus, his charm and easy-going coolness have made him a favorite in hip-hop. And those iconic dreadlocks that keep changing? They’re all about his unique style and being his person.

    13. Coolio

    This Rapper made a splash in the ’90s, captivating people with his catchy hooks, detailed stories, and a super charismatic vibe. He mixed West Coast gangsta rap with some funky beats, making him a name everyone knew, truly a musical icon.

    Oh, and his signature spider-like dreadlocks? They added to his unique look, making him instantly recognizable, whether you were already a fan or just getting to know him.

    14. Lil Jon

    As the undisputed king of crunk, this Rapper’s high-energy beats and catchy ad-libs have shaped Southern hip-hop and made a significant mark on pop culture. He’s got this larger-than-life personality and a love for flashy jewelry, making him a true music icon.

    Plus, his dreadlocks aren’t just a hairstyle—they’re a big part of his unique look and charisma that no one else can match.

    15. T-Pain

    This singer-rapper is a real trailblazer with auto-tune, creating catchy hooks, smooth melodies, and innovative production, making him super popular and a go-to for collaborations.

    He’s all about experimenting with music and isn’t afraid to take risks, which has set him apart in hip-hop. His dreadlocks, which he’s rocked for most of his career, add to his unique vibe and creative identity.

    16. Wale

    This Rapper stands out in the hip-hop scene. His lyrics make you think, and he’s got this smooth way of delivering lines with a bit of sharp wit on the side.

    He’s so good at mixing different genres and pulling from all sorts of influences, giving him a sound that’s all his own and super appealing. And those dreadlocks he rocks?

    They’re not just for show. They’re a big part of his vibe and show he’s about keeping it real.

    17. E-40

    This guy’s a legend in the West Coast hip-hop world. He’s been mixing it up for over thirty years with his super-fast rapping and clever lyrics.

    It’s incredible how he’s stayed on top of the game in a constantly changing industry. And let’s not forget his iconic dreadlocks – they’re as much a part of him as his killer rhymes.

    18. MURS

    So, there’s this Rapper from Los Angeles. He’s got this fantastic knack for introspective lyrics, a smooth flow, and the kind of storytelling that pulls you in.

    Oh, and get this – he’s one of the original members of Living Legends, which is pretty cool on its own. But he didn’t stop there; he’s rocked a solo career that grabbed respect and love from all over.

    And his dreadlocks? They’re not just a style statement. They’re his way of staying true to himself, showing he’s not about to bend to what the industry expects. Pretty awesome, huh?

    19. Zack de la Rocha

    He’s all about those punchy lyrics, that intense flow, and he’s super committed to social activism. As the lead of Rage Against the Machine, he’s changed the music scene.

    He’s never scared to dive into the significant political and social issues in his songs, and people worldwide need help getting enough of it.

    Oh, and those distinctive dreadlocks he sports? They’re the perfect symbol of his rebel vibe and refusal to compromise on his art. It’s pretty cool.

    20. 2 Chainz

    This Atlanta rapper, with his booming charisma, clever rhymes, and love for all things flashy, has made his mark in the hip-hop world.

    He’s got this way of creating hooks that stick and a vibe that pulls you in. He’s teamed up with some big names, landing hit after hit.

    And those dreadlocks, invariably decked out with some eye-catching bling? They’re just the cherry on top of his bold style and undeniable swagger.

    21. Damian Marley

    So, the youngest son of the iconic Bob Marley, right? This guy’s got his dad’s musical genius and charm in spades, and he’s made his mark in rap and reggae. His voice? Powerful. His lyrics? They make you think. And guess what?

    He’s bagged a bunch of awards and rave reviews. Oh, and those striking, floor-length dreadlocks he sports? They’re not just about family legacy; they’re a deep nod to his Jamaican heritage.

    22. Waka Flocka Flame

    This Rapper is all about that high-energy vibe and hard-hitting delivery, making a real splash in the hip-hop world from day one. He’s got this infectious charisma and an undeniable presence on stage that’s won over many loyal fans and racked up some serious success.

    And let’s not forget those dreadlocks – styled in all sorts of ways, like his signature, showing off his unique style and bold personality.

    Frequently Ask Questions

    Q: Who are some of the best white rappers with braids? 

    A: Several white rappers are known for sporting braided hairstyles, which enhance their unique looks and personalities on the hip-hop scene.

    Q: Can you name a rapper from the 90s known for his braids? 

    A: While braids have been a popular style across hip-hop culture, identifying a specific white rapper from the 90s known exclusively for his braids is more challenging, as the style was widely adopted across artists of all backgrounds.

    Q: Which Rapper is known for wearing braids and glasses? 

    A: The combination of braids and glasses isn’t uncommon in hip-hop, though pinpointing one white Rapper for this specific look might require more research into the industry’s diverse styles.

    Q: Has there been a rapper with braids that died? 

    A: The hip-hop community has lost many talents over the years, with several artists tragically passing away, regardless of their hairstyle. The specifics depend on the time frame and other defining characteristics.

    Q: Who is a rapper known for braids and beads in their hair? 

    A: Rappers often experiment with their looks, incorporating beads into their braids as a distinctive styling choice. Identifying one with this specific style can vary over different periods in hip-hop fashion.

    Q: Are there rappers who prefer braids to the back? 

    A: The braids styled to the back have a classic and neat look, which numerous rappers adopt to maintain a clean yet edgy appearance.

    Q: Which Rapper is recognized for having braids with white beads? 

    A: White beads in braids add a unique flair to the hairstyle, though naming a specific white rapper with this signature style might need more specific context.

    Q: Can you name a female rapper renowned for her braids? 

    A: Numerous female rappers rock braided hairstyles, which are a common and beloved choice in the hip-hop community due to their versatility and cultural significance.

    Q: Are there any rappers with blonde braids? 

    A: Blonde braids are a bold fashion statement, and several rappers, including white rappers, have been seen sporting this look to stand out and showcase their individuality.

    Final Thoughts: White Rappers with Braids

    White rapper braids are a classic look that has been popularized by some of the biggest names in rap music. From Snoop Dogg to Ludacris, White rappers with braids are a testament to the power of White rap culture and style.

    This hairstyle is one of the most iconic looks in White rap history, and it will never go out of style. White rapper braids can express individuality, creativity, and rebellion. 

    They are an excellent way for White rappers to show off their kind, and they can inspire White rappers everywhere.

    We hope this article has inspired you to try out a White rapper braid look of your own. So go ahead, get creative and show off your style! With suitable braids, anything is possible.

    That’s all! You can also check out 27 Best Canadian Rappers of All Time and 17 Famous Florida Rappers.

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