45+ Best Drill Rap Songs Of All Time (Playlist)

Are you wondering what are the best drill rap songs of all time?

Drill rap has taken the world by storm, captivating rap fans and music enthusiasts with its raw energy, gritty lyrics, and unique beats. Originating in Chicago in the early 2010s, this rap subgenre has evolved and spread globally, particularly resonating in the UK and New York. 

As we dive into 2024, let’s explore the top 50 drill rap songs that have defined the year and continue to push the boundaries of this dynamic genre.

The Rise of Drill Rap

Drill music emerged from Chicago’s South Side, characterized by its dark, violent, and nihilistic lyrical content.

The genre’s name, “drill,” is slang for automatic weapons and the violent lifestyle associated with street gangs. Early pioneers like Chief Keef, Lil Durk, and G Herbo set the foundation, influencing subsequent waves of artists.

Drill rap’s influence soon spread across the Atlantic to the UK, where artists like 67 and Harlem Spartans added their unique twist, incorporating elements of grime and UK rap.

New York also saw the rise of its drill scene, with artists like Pop Smoke and Fivio Foreign leading the charge.

What Makes a Great Drill Rap Song?

A great drill rap song typically features the following:

  • Hard-Hitting Beats: Drill beats are often minimalist but heavy, featuring rapid hi-hats, deep bass lines, and eerie melodies.
  • Authentic Lyrics: Drill rap is known for its raw, unfiltered lyrics that often depict the harsh realities of street life.
  • Distinctive Flow: Artists deliver their verses with a unique cadence and flow that sets the drill apart from other rap subgenres.
  • Energetic Delivery: The intensity and emotion conveyed in the delivery add to the song’s impact.

Top 50 Drill Rap Songs of 2024

Here’s a curated list of the best drill rap songs that have dominated 2024, showcasing a mix of seasoned veterans and promising newcomers.

Rowdy Rebel – “Computers”

Rowdy Rebel’s “Computers” is still a fan favorite and a cornerstone of the New York drill. It’s got that relentless energy and infectious beats that hook you in.

The raw lyrics and powerful delivery cement its place in the genre. It’s the go-to anthem for drill fans and a testament to Rowdy Rebel’s mark on the scene.

Lil Durk – “Dis Ain’t What U Want”

Lil Durk’s introspective lyrics and melodic flow make this track a standout in his discography and a must-hear in the drill rap scene.

He blends personal storytelling with a captivating beat, showcasing his artistic growth and solidifying his influence in modern hip-hop. This song highlights his unique style and resonates with fans, cementing his place as a leading voice in the genre.

Chief Keef – “I Don’t Like”

Chief Keef’s breakout hit, “I Don’t Like,” set the stage for drill music. Its aggressive lyrics and minimalist beat struck a chord with many listeners. When it dropped in 2012, it quickly blew up, especially with the younger crowd, and inspired a new wave of artists in the genre.

The track’s raw energy and unapologetic tone captured the realities of street life, making it a defining anthem for the drill music movement.

G Herbo – “Ridin Wit It”

G Herbo’s “Ridin Wit It” really shows off his storytelling skills and raw delivery, proving he’s a big name in drill rap.

The track’s gritty lyrics and intense beat perfectly capture street life, showing how G Herbo can paint vivid pictures through his music. His authentic voice and strong presence make this song a standout in the drill rap scene.

King Von – “Crazy Story”

The late King Von’s “Crazy Story” is a masterclass in narrative-driven rap, painting vivid pictures of street life with its gripping lyrics and compelling storytelling.

The track immerses listeners in the gritty realities of urban existence, showcasing Von’s unique ability to convey emotion and tension through his music.

G Herbo – “Drill”

Another entry from G Herbo, “Drill,” is a testament to his consistent ability to produce hard-hitting tracks. With its intense beats and raw lyrics, the song showcases his unique style and reinforces his place in the rap industry.

Fans of G Herbo will appreciate the energy and authenticity he brings to “Drill,” making it a standout track in his discography.

G Herbo – “Sessions”

G Herbo’s “Sessions” gives us a deeper, more reflective look at his personal experiences. He blends raw emotion with powerful storytelling, adding a new dimension to his music.

You can see his growth as an artist, and it offers an intimate glimpse into his journey and his challenges.

G Herbo – “Stand the Rain”

“Stand the Rain” by G Herbo mixes haunting melodies with introspective lyrics, making it a standout in his collection.

The song’s powerful production and raw emotion show how much G Herbo has grown as an artist. Its vivid storytelling connects with listeners. This track highlights his lyrical skills and solidifies his spot in the rap scene as a genuine and deep voice.

G Herbo – “Break Yoself”

In “Break Yoself,” G Herbo drops another hard-hitting track with aggressive beats and raw lyrics. The song highlights his gritty storytelling and captures urban life’s intense emotions and struggles.

G Herbo’s unique style and unfiltered honesty make this track a standout, really connecting with his fans.


Lil Mabu’s “TEACH ME HOW TO DRILL” brings a fresh vibe to the genre, adding new energy and perspective.

The track shines with its innovative beats, clever lyrics, and Mabu’s unique style, giving fans a refreshing twist on drill music that keeps them coming back for more.

Chief Keef – “DAMN SHORTY”

Chief Keef is back at it with “DAMN SHORTY,” a track that highlights his unique style and influence in the rap game. With his distinctive voice and groundbreaking sound, he again shows why he’s such a key player in modern hip-hop.

The song’s got catchy beats and his signature delivery, making it a standout in his already impressive discography.

G Herbo – “Really Like That”

“Really Like That” by G Herbo is a high-energy jam that shows off his lyrical skills and command over beats.

The song highlights his talent for weaving intricate rhymes with a confident delivery, all set to some hard-hitting instrumentals. G Herbo’s dynamic flow and powerful lyrics make this track a standout in his collection, resonating with longtime fans and new listeners.

Yungeen Ace – “Who I Smoke”

Yungeen Ace’s track “Who I Smoke” has stirred things up in the drill scene. It’s controversial but super catchy, mixing humor with hardcore lyrics.

The song samples Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles,” giving it a light, fun melody that contrasts sharply with the intense verses. This unique blend has grabbed much attention and sparked many conversations about its bold artistic choices.

Ice Spice – “Deli”

Ice Spice brings a fresh vibe to drill with “Deli,” mixing unique beats with her distinctive flow. Her innovative style and lyrical skills set her apart, making her music captivating and groundbreaking for listeners.

Lil Mabu – “THROW”

Lil Mabu’s “THROW” is a must-listen! This track shows off his versatility and talent. With its catchy beats and sharp lyrics, it’s clear why he’s an emerging artist to watch. If you’re into hip-hop and rap, you’ll love the energy and passion he brings to this song.

Nicki Minaj – “Princess Diana”

Nicki Minaj’s “Princess Diana” has the queen of rap trying her hand at drill, and she brings her signature style to the table. In this track, Minaj shows off her versatile flow and lyrical skills, blending perfectly with the hard-hitting beats of drill music.

It’s a fusion that shows her knack for adapting and innovating, cementing her spot as a trailblazer in the rap game.

Aqua – “Barbie World”

“Barbie World” by Aqua might surprise some when it shows up in the drill scene. But once you listen, you’ll realize it’s a perfect fit.

The song’s catchy hooks and energetic delivery make it a standout track that brings a refreshing vibe to the genre. It’s one of those tracks that stays in your head long after it’s over, showing that even unexpected songs can find a place in drill music.

Kay Flock – “Is Ya Ready”

Kay Flock’s “Is Ya Ready” is everything you’d expect from a top-notch drill track. The aggressive beats immediately grab your attention, and his confident lyrics keep you hooked.

This song perfectly exemplifies why Kay Flock is becoming such a significant figure in the drill scene. When you listen to “Is Ya Ready,” you can’t help but feel the intensity and passion he brings to his music.

Kay Flock – “PSA”

With “PSA,” Kay Flock delivers yet another hit that solidifies his reputation in the drill rap landscape.

The track showcases his unique style and ability to command attention with his powerful delivery.

Kay Flock is here to stay, and “PSA” is just more evidence of his growing influence in the genre. If you’re a fan of drill music, this song is a must-listen.

“Old Days (Mixed)”

“Old Days (Mixed)” is a track that offers a nostalgic yet fresh take on drill music. It beautifully blends old-school vibes with modern beats, creating a familiar and new sound. 

This song reminds us of how far the genre has come while paying homage to its roots. It’s a great listen for anyone who appreciates the evolution of drill and enjoys a bit of nostalgia mixed with contemporary flair.


Lil Mabu’s “MATHEMATICAL DISRESPECT” is a clever and engaging track that stands out for its unique approach. The song blends witty lyricism with a catchy beat, making it a memorable entry in the drill genre.

Mabu’s clever wordplay and intricate rhymes showcase his talent and creativity, making this track a must-listen for fans of innovative rap music.

Harlem Spartans – “Kennington Where It Started”

“Kennington Where It Started” by Harlem Spartans is a UK drill classic known for its gritty lyrics and distinctive sound.

The track offers a raw and unfiltered look into life in Kennington, with the Spartans delivering powerful verses that capture the essence of the streets. The song’s heavy bass and dark, atmospheric production make it a standout in the UK drill scene.

Lil Durk – “AHHH HA”

Lil Durk’s “AHHH HA” is a high-energy track that showcases his lyrical prowess and ability to craft catchy hooks. The song’s driving beat and Durk’s relentless flow make it an instant hit, perfect for getting excited.

Durk’s confident delivery and clever wordplay cement this track as a standout in his discography, demonstrating why he’s a force to be reckoned with in the rap game.

Lil Durk – “Faneto”

“Faneto” by Lil Durk is another drill anthem characterized by aggressive beats and powerful delivery.

Durk’s intense performance and the track’s hard-hitting production create an electrifying listening experience. The song’s raw energy and unapologetic lyrics embody the spirit of drill music, making “Faneto” a favorite and a staple in Durk’s live performances.

67 – “Lets Lurk”

UK drill group 67’s “Let’s Lurk” is a dark, atmospheric track that captures the genre’s essence.

The song’s eerie production and menacing lyrics create a chilling vibe, transporting listeners to the gritty streets of London. 67’s members deliver their verses with precision and intensity, making “Let Lurk” a standout track that showcases the group’s dark, brooding style.

Fivio Foreign – “Big Drip”

“Big Drip” by Fivio Foreign is a drill anthem synonymous with the New York drill scene. The track’s infectious beat and Fivio’s charismatic delivery make it a standout hit.

“Big Drip” captures the energy and swagger of NYC drill, with Fivio’s larger-than-life persona shining through in every bar. It’s a track that starts the party and keeps the energy high.

Lil Tjay – “Not In The Mood”

Lil Tjay’s “Not In The Mood” is a melodic drill track that showcases his versatility as an artist. The song blends hard-hitting beats with Tjay’s smooth vocals, creating a unique sound that sets it apart from traditional drill tracks.

Tjay’s introspective lyrics and passionate delivery add depth to the track, making it a compelling listen for fans of melodic rap.

Pop Smoke – “Welcome To The Party”

The late Pop Smoke’s “Welcome To The Party” remains a defining track in the drill genre, known for its deep bass and catchy lyrics. The song’s booming production and Pop Smoke’s distinctive voice create an unforgettable listening experience.

“Welcome To The Party” captures the essence of Pop Smoke’s sound and has become an anthem for drill fans worldwide, celebrating his legacy and impact on the genre.

Russ Millions – “TO THE MOON”

Russ Millions’ “TO THE MOON” is an energetic track that has made waves in both the UK and global drill scenes. The song’s high-octane production and Russ’s rapid-fire delivery make it a standout hit.

“TO THE MOON” showcases Russ’s ability to create infectious hooks and memorable verses, solidifying his place as a rising star in the drill community.

Fivio Foreign – “What’s My Name”

Fivio Foreign’s “What’s My Name” is a standout track, blending drill beats with catchy hooks. The song’s infectious energy and Fivio’s confident delivery make it a memorable addition to his catalog.

“What’s My Name” combines the raw edge of drill with a pop sensibility, creating a track that appeals to a broad audience and showcases Fivio’s versatility as an artist.

Cardi B – “Shake It”

Cardi B’s “Shake It” is a fantastic addition to her impressive discography. She dives into the drill genre in this track, bringing her unmistakable flair and charisma. Known for her energetic performances and bold lyrics, Cardi B does not disappoint.

The song features a driving beat and gritty production, making it a memorable and catchy addition to the drill scene. If you’re a fan of Cardi B or drill music, “Shake It” is a must-listen that showcases her versatility and talent.

Sha Gz – “New Opp”

Sha Gz’s “New Opp” is a powerful, high-energy drill track highlighting his lyrical skill and mastery over beats. The song has intense lyrics and dynamic flows, making it a standout in the drill genre.

Sha Gz brings a raw and authentic energy to the track, capturing the gritty essence of drill music. “New Opp” is perfect for anyone looking to get hyped up and experience the unfiltered power of drill rap.

Bayoz Muzik – “Lemme Get Dat”

Bayoz Muzik’s “Lemme Get Dat” is a fresh and engaging addition to the drill genre. The track features innovative production and a unique sound that differentiates it from other drill songs. Bayoz Muzik brings a creative approach to the genre, adding new dimensions and textures to the music.

“Lemme Get Dat” is a testament to Bayoz Muzik’s talent as a producer and artist, making it a must-listen for drill and experimental music fans.

Rowdy Rebel – “Paid Off”

Rowdy Rebel’s “Paid Off” is a hard-hitting and impactful track that showcases his talent and influence in the drill scene. The song features powerful lyrics and a commanding presence, capturing the essence of Rowdy Rebel’s style.

“Paid Off” is filled with aggressive beats and a relentless energy that keeps listeners engaged from start to finish. It’s a standout track that highlights Rowdy Rebel’s skill and solidifies his place in the drill genre.

Nicki Minaj – “We Go Up”

“We Go Up” by Nicki Minaj is another successful foray into the drill genre for the iconic rapper. Combining her signature style with the distinctive beats of drill, Nicki Minaj creates a captivating and powerful track.

“We Go Up” features confident lyrics and a memorable hook, making it a standout addition to her catalog. Fans of Nicki Minaj and drill music will appreciate her ability to seamlessly blend the two, creating a fresh and familiar song.

G Herbo – “Kill Shit (Bonus Track)”

“Kill Shit” by G Herbo is a bonus track that showcases his lyrical prowess and ability to craft engaging drill music. The song features intense lyrics and a driving beat, capturing the essence of G Herbo’s style.

“Kill Shit” is a testament to his talent as a rapper and his ability to create impactful music. Fans of G Herbo and drill music will appreciate the raw energy and skill displayed in this track.

FBG Duck – “Slide”

The late FBG Duck’s “Slide” is a defining track in the drill music genre, known for its aggressive lyrics and hard-hitting beats. The song captures drill music’s raw energy and intensity, making it a standout in the genre.

FBG Duck’s powerful delivery and commanding presence make “Slide” a memorable and impactful track. It’s a testament to his talent and influence in the drill scene and a must-listen for anyone interested in the genre.

Nicki Minaj – “Chi-Raq”

“Chi-Raq” by Nicki Minaj is a powerful drill track highlighting her versatility and talent as an artist. The song features intense lyrics and a commanding presence, showcasing Nicki Minaj’s ability to dominate any genre she steps into.

“Chi-Raq” is filled with dynamic flows and a relentless energy that keeps listeners engaged. It’s a standout track that underscores her skill and solidifies her place in the drill genre.

Lil Tjay – “Trauma”

Lil Tjay’s “Trauma” is a melodic drill track that showcases his ability to blend heartfelt lyrics with engaging beats. The song features a smooth and emotional delivery, capturing the essence of Lil Tjay’s style.

“Trauma” is a testament to his talent as a rapper and his ability to create music that resonates with listeners on a deeper level. Fans of Lil Tjay and drill music will appreciate the emotional depth and skill displayed in this track.

Lil Tjay – “Scared 2 Be Lonely”

“Scared 2 Be Lonely” by Lil Tjay is another standout track that combines his melodic style with the raw energy of drill music. The song features heartfelt lyrics and a captivating beat, making it a memorable addition to Lil Tjay’s catalog.

“Scared 2 Be Lonely” showcases his ability to create music that connects with listeners on an emotional level while maintaining the intensity of the drill. It’s a must-listen for fans of Lil Tjay and those looking for a unique take on the drill genre.

Sha EK – “Enough is Enough”

Sha EK’s “Enough is Enough” is a high-energy drill track that leaves a lasting impression from the first beat. Sha EK demonstrates his lyrical prowess with razor-sharp bars and a commanding presence over the production.

The track pulsates with intensity, making it impossible not to get caught up in the momentum. Sha EK’s ability to weave compelling narratives with a gritty, authentic voice gives “Enough is Enough” a raw edge that resonates deeply with listeners.

It’s a testament to his skill and a clear indicator that he’s a force to be reckoned with in the drill scene.

NLE Choppa – “Ice Spice”

NLE Choppa’s “Ice Spice” takes a refreshing approach to the drill genre, delivering a track with its unique flavor.

The song has engaging rhythms and NLE Choppa’s characteristic energy, making it an instant earworm. His innovative style and ability to blend different elements within the drill framework add a new dimension to the genre.

“Ice Spice” isn’t just a track; it’s an experience showcasing NLE Choppa’s versatility and knack for creating music that intrigues and excites. It’s a bold move that pays off, setting a new standard for what drill music can be.

King Von – “Straight To It”

The late King Von’s “Straight To It” is more than just a track; it’s a masterclass in storytelling through rap. King Von had an unmatched ability to paint vivid pictures of street life with his words, and “Straight To It” is a prime example of this talent.

The narrative is gripping, filled with detailed scenes that pull you into his world. The production complements his storytelling, providing a backdrop that enhances the tension and emotion in his verses.

King Von’s delivery is haunting and captivating, leaving a lasting impact and highlighting his irreplaceable role in the rap community. “Straight To It” is a powerful reminder of his legacy and the stories he told.

Kanye West – “City of Gods”

Kanye West’s “City of Gods” sees the rap icon stepping into the drill genre with his signature style. Known for constantly pushing boundaries, Kanye brings a fresh perspective to drill, combining his unique artistic vision with the genre’s raw energy.

The track is a fusion of intricate beats, thought-provoking lyrics, and Kanye’s unmistakable flair. “City of Gods” isn’t just a song; it’s an experience that showcases Kanye’s ability to innovate and dominate across different musical landscapes.

His contribution to the drill genre with this track is both a homage and a reinvention, solidifying his status as a musical pioneer.

NLE Choppa – “IN THE UK”

NLE Choppa’s “IN THE UK” is a testament to his versatility and talent within the drill genre. The track is brimming with high-energy beats and dynamic flows that keep listeners hooked from start to finish.

NLE Choppa’s knack for blending cultural references and his unique style creates a track that feels familiar and refreshingly new. “IN THE UK” showcases his ability to adapt and excel within different musical contexts, proving his talent knows no bounds.

It’s an electrifying piece highlighting NLE Choppa’s artist growth and commitment to pushing the envelope in drill music.

G Herbo – “Never Cared”

“Never Cared” by G Herbo is a powerful addition to the drill genre, highlighting his lyrical prowess and ability to craft profoundly engaging music. The track’s intensity is palpable, driven by G Herbo’s confident delivery and intricate wordplay.

His verses are filled with raw emotion and authenticity, vividly depicting his experiences and perspectives. The production enhances the lyrical content, creating a perfect synergy that makes “Never Cared” stand out.

G Herbo’s commitment to his craft is evident, showcasing his ability to connect with listeners through powerful storytelling and compelling music.

PGF Nuk – “Waddup”

PGF Nuk’s “Waddup” brings a fresh and engaging vibe to the drill genre, capturing attention with its infectious energy and innovative sound. The track blends hard-hitting beats and sharp lyrics that keep the momentum going from start to finish.

PGF Nuk’s unique style and confident delivery make “Waddup” a memorable addition to the drilling landscape.

The track’s dynamic flow and catchy hooks ensure it stays on repeat, showcasing PGF Nuk’s ability to create music that resonates with a broad audience. “Waddup” is a refreshing take on drill, proving that PGF Nuk is a rising star to watch.

Dusty Locane – “BEAST OUT THE CAGE”

Dusty Locane’s “BEAST OUT THE CAGE” is a high-energy drill track that commands attention with its powerful beats and visceral lyrics. Dusty Locane’s commanding presence and lyrical skill are on full display, making the track an intense listening experience.

The relentless production matches Dusty Locane’s intensity and adds to the song’s overall impact. “BEAST OUT THE CAGE” represents Dusty Locane’s ability to capture the drill genre’s raw essence while injecting his flair.

It’s a bold, unapologetic track that cements his position as a formidable talent in the drill scene.

DD Osama – “Baby Wait”

DD Osama’s “Baby Wait” adds a refreshing twist to the drill genre, delivering an engaging and innovative track.

The song features captivating rhythms and DD Osama’s distinctive lyrical style, making it a standout piece.

His ability to blend different musical elements within the drill framework creates a fresh and exciting track. “Baby Wait” is not just another drill track; it showcases DD Osama’s creativity and ability to push the genre forward.

The track’s infectious energy and unique sound make it a must-listen, highlighting DD Osama as a trailblazer in the drill music scene.

Final Thoughts

Drill rap continues to evolve, with artists constantly pushing the genre’s boundaries and creating fresh, exciting music.

It’s fascinating how drill rap has grown over the years, transforming from a niche subgenre into a global phenomenon.

The tracks listed above represent the best of 2024, showcasing the immense talent and creativity of drill rap artists from all corners of the globe.

What’s particularly exciting about this evolution is how artists blend different influences and styles to create something new and unique.

Whether it’s the raw energy of the beats, the intricate lyricism, or the powerful storytelling, there’s something incredibly compelling about drill rap that resonates with fans worldwide.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve and discover the “best drill songs” of 2024, these tracks are a great starting point. They highlight the innovation within the genre and underscore the artists’ ability to connect with listeners on a deeper level.

So, dive in and explore the dynamic world of drill rap – you might find your new favorite track!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most listened-to drill song?

Hey! The most listened-to drill song can change depending on where you are and your platform. But some tracks like Pop Smoke’s “Welcome To The Party” and Chief Keef’s “I Don’t Like” are iconic and often streamed.

What is a drill in rap?

So, in rap, “drill” is a subgenre known for its dark and gritty lyrics. The beats are hard-hitting, and the flow is distinctive, often reflecting life on the streets.

What makes a song drill rap?

A drill rap song usually has aggressive, raw lyrics about street life. The beats are minimalist but hit hard, and the delivery is intense and energetic.

What rappers do drill music?

There are quite a few rappers who are prominent in the drill scene. Names like Chief Keef, Lil Durk, G Herbo, Pop Smoke, Fivio Foreign, and some UK artists like 67 and Harlem Spartans come to mind.

What are the best drill songs from New York?

If you’re looking for some top New York drill tracks, you can’t go wrong with Pop Smoke’s “Welcome To The Party,” Fivio Foreign’s “Big Drip,” and Rowdy Rebel’s “Computers.”

Do you have any recommendations for old-school drill rap songs?

For some old-school drill vibes, check out Chief Keef’s “I Don’t Like,” Lil Durk’s “Dis Ain’t What U Want,” and G Herbo’s “Kill Shit.” These tracks are classics.

What are the best drill rap songs of 2024?

Looking at 2024, some of the best drill rap songs include Rowdy Rebel’s “Computers,” Lil Durk’s “Dis Ain’t What U Want,” and G Herbo’s “Ridin Wit It.”

Do you have any recommendations for UK drill songs?

If you’re into UK drill, you should listen to Harlem Spartans’ “Kennington Where It Started,” 67’s “Lets Lurk,” and Russ Millions’ “TO THE MOON.”

What are the top 10 UK drill songs?

Here are the top 10 UK drill songs you should check out:

1. Harlem Spartans – “Kennington Where It Started”
2. 67 – “Lets Lurk”
3. Russ Millions – “TO THE MOON”
4. Headie One – “Both”
5. Digga D – “Woi”
6. OFB – “Ambush”
7. Unknown T – “Homerton B”
8. Skengdo x AM – “Mad About Bars”
9. CB – “Take That Risk”
10. Zone 2 – “No Censor”

Where can I download UK drill songs in mp3 format?

If you want to download UK drill songs in MP3, your best bet is to use platforms like iTunes, Amazon Music, or Spotify. Make sure you’re downloading legally to support the artists.

Are there any new drill songs coming out in 2024?

For the latest drill songs of 2024, keep an eye on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Both emerging artists and established names are constantly dropping new tracks that keep pushing the genre forward.

The best drill rap songs mentioned are some of the best you’ll find this year, but new artists and tracks are always on the rise, shaping the future of drill rap. Keep listening, support your favorite artists, and stay tuned for more hard-hitting beats and raw lyrics that make drill rap compelling.

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