Top 35 White British Rappers: Shaping the UK Hip Hop Scene

Are you curious about who the top White British Rappers are? 

The British rap scene is thriving, filled with diversity, and making waves all over the globe. Artists from every corner are making their presence felt. Among this vibrant mix, white British rappers have played a massive role in highlighting UK hip-hop. 

In this article, we’re diving into the top 35 white British rappers. These aren’t just talented artists; they’re also shaping the present and future of British rap.

Notable White British Rap Pioneers

To understand the full extent of white British rappers’ influence, it is essential to acknowledge those who paved the way for the current generation. These pioneers dared to enter a predominantly black art form and helped make it the inclusive and expansive scene it is today.

Plan B

Plan B, or Ben Drew, is like the Swiss Army knife of British music. This guy does it all—rapping, singing, songwriting, and acting. He hit the scene big time with his album “Who Needs Actions When You Got Words.”

His lyrics don’t hold back, and his performances are super intense, paving the way for his awesome career in both music and movies.

Little Simz

Little Simz, aka Simbiatu Ajikawo, has earned her spot. Her profound and poetic rhymes shake things up and reach a new audience. With her hit album “Grey Area,” she’s proven to be one of the most innovative voices.

Dizzee Rascal

Dylan Kwabena Mills, aka Dizzee Rascal, burst onto the scene with his first album, “Boy in da Corner,” which won the Mercury Prize.

His fresh sound and straight-up tales about life in London’s East End grabbed people’s attention, pushing grime music into the spotlight.

List of the Best White British Rappers

Check out these white British rappers – an excellent mix of experienced pros and exciting new talents. Each one brings their own story and unique flair to the scene.

From the old-school legends who laid down the beats to the newbies shaking things up, these guys are the life and soul of UK hip-hop.


Plan B

Plan B has been killing it in the music world for over twenty years, constantly changing things and staying fresh.

He’s never been one to ignore the tough stuff in life, diving into issues like social injustice, poverty, and personal battles with total honesty and killer lyrics. 

Moreover, as a trailblazer in the UK rap scene, he’s inspired many artists with his gritty stories and fantastic sounds, making a name for himself as a big deal in the industry. 

What’s remarkable is how he’s managed to change and grow without losing what makes him. That’s got him a lot of respect and a bunch of loyal fans, securing his spot as a significant influence and respected artist.


Professor Green

Stephen Manderson, widely recognized by his stage name Professor Green, has carved a niche for himself as a rapper and television personality. He captivatingly engages audiences with his ingenious wordplay and deeply authentic storytelling. 

In addition, he has gained considerable acclaim, particularly for his hit single “Read All About It,” which resonated with many as a powerful anthem for voicing one’s struggles and breaking the silence on personal and societal issues. 

His music showcases his lyrical prowess and commitment to addressing mental health topics, encouraging open conversations, and reducing stigma.

Through his work, Professor Green continues to impact the music industry and beyond, significantly contributing to the dialogue on important social themes.


Little Simz

A dominant force in the music industry, Little Simz stands out with her exceptional lyrical skill and her ability to blend multiple genres, solidifying her position as a pioneering trendsetter.

Her innovative approach to music challenges the status quo and sets new standards for artists to follow.


Dizzee Rascal

As a grime pioneer, Dizzee Rascal has left an indelible mark on the British rap scene. His innovative style and raw, authentic narratives have not only shaped the genre but also inspired a generation of artists to embrace their uniqueness and tell their personal stories. 

Moreover, his influence is immeasurable, serving as a beacon for countless emerging talents looking to carve their paths in the music industry.


Big Shaq

Though primarily celebrated for his comedic talents, Michael Dapaah, the creative genius behind the prevalent character Big Shaq, catapulted to global fame with his viral sensation “Man’s Not Hot.” 

This catchy track, which cleverly combines humor with rhythmic beats, showcased his unique blend of comedy and musical talent and earned him international acclaim. 

The song’s memorable lyrics and Dapaah’s charismatic performance transcended cultural and geographical boundaries, making “Man’s Not Hot” a worldwide phenomenon. 

Its widespread popularity is a testament to Dapaah’s skill in creating content that resonates universally, solidifying his place in the global entertainment landscape.



Skepta’s unapologetic approach to his artistry, fused with a profound pride in his Nigerian-British roots, has propelled him to global prominence in music and fashion. 

His distinctive style, characterized by a blend of grime music authenticity and bold fashion choices, has captivated audiences worldwide. 

Skepta’s fearless expression and innovative sounds have garnered him a loyal fan base across continents and set new trends, influencing the direction of the music and fashion industries. 

Through his work, Skepta has become a symbol of cultural fusion, demonstrating the power of staying true to one’s identity while shaping global trends.


Stevie Hyper D

A legend within the drum and bass community, Stevie Hyper D was known for his intricate flows and magnetic stage presence, which cemented his status as one of the most respected MCs of his era. 

With a unique style that blended rapid-fire lyrics with an engaging performance, Stevie Hyper D had the rare ability to connect with the audience deeply, ensuring that every show was memorable. 

His dynamic performances, characterized by unmatched energy and charisma, left a lasting impression on the genre. 

This influence made him a pivotal figure in the development of drum and bass music, pushing the boundaries of what was possible within the genre and inspiring a generation of artists and fans alike. 

Moreover, his legacy continues influencing the drum and bass scene, underscoring his significant contribution to the music world.


Roots Manuva

Roots Manuva, famous for his excellent work, mixes up hip-hop, dub, and electronic music like no one else, making him a trailblazer who doesn’t care about sticking to one genre. 

His relaxed approach has earned him lots of praise and fans who dig his unique sound.


AJ Tracey

AJ Tracey’s skyrocketed in the gritty worlds of grime and drill music, and it’s not just his talent that’s got people talking. He’s become one of the UK’s hottest acts.

His unique style and catchy lyrics have grabbed fans’ attention all over, putting him at the top of the British music scene.



Tricky, a trip-hop pioneer, is famous for his dark, brooding beats that mix hip-hop, electronica, and rock. His innovative sound still influences rappers and producers worldwide, setting the bar high in the music industry for creativity and depth in production.

Ms. Dynamite’s passionate delivery and thought-provoking lyrics set her apart as a champion of conscious rap.



Northampton’s own Slowthai has made a name for himself, and a lot of that’s down to his intense live shows, which grab everyone’s attention. Plus, he’s super open about the nitty-gritty of British society. 

His unique way of mixing music with social commentary has got people talking and earned him a lot of praise, making him a big deal in the UK music scene. 

But his straight-up style and no-holds-barred opinions have also stirred up some controversy, sparking loads of debates and chats about his work and its impact.



Stormzy shot up to fame super fast. He’s really vocal about social justice, which has made him a key player in today’s UK music scene.

His powerful lyrics and dedication to tackling social issues have not just won him a lot of praise, but they’ve also got his fans and the wider public talking about these important matters.


Lady Leshurr

Lady Leshurr, with her rapid-fire flows and charismatic personality, has won many fans and earned international acclaim. Her unique style and how she connects with her audience have put her at the top of the music scene, making her a standout artist in her genre.


Rodney P (London Posse)

Rodney P made his mark as part of the trailblazing London Posse, and he’s kept pushing the UK hip-hop scene forward ever since.

He’s got this fantastic way of mixing British culture into hip-hop, which has helped shape what UK hip-hop is all about. It’s no wonder he’s a massive influence on new artists and how the genre has evolved.



Skinnyman’s a big name in underground British hip hop, carving a niche with his straight-up storytelling and mad technical skills.

He’s got this knack for weaving complex stories with a raw, authentic voice, and that’s earned him a bunch of dedicated fans and a special place in their hearts.

Through his tunes, Skinnyman captures what urban life is like and the struggles that come with it, connecting with listeners and cementing his legacy in the genre.


LD (67)

Lyndon Pereira, or LD as most people know him, has made a mark on the influential music collective 67. He’s famous for his gritty, authentic street style that clicks with the raw vibe of their music.

His unique voice and how he tells stories have set him apart, making him a key player in the group and beyond in the music scene.


J Hus

J Hus has made a name for himself with his unique melodic flows and a fresh take on the UK rap scene.

He’s become among the most celebrated and creative artists lately, thanks to his mix of different genres and deep lyrics. He’s got a bunch of dedicated fans and plenty of praise from the music world.



Wiley, often called the “Godfather of Grime,” was a key player in starting the music scene. He worked tirelessly to promote the genre, not just with his groundbreaking music but by talking it up publicly.

This got him the prestigious title and played a massive part in bringing grime music to the world stage.


General Levy

General Levy, known for his electric energy on stage, has become an icon in the British music scene. His hit “Incredible” showcases his dynamic flow and clever lyrics and has made him a must-listen for fans of the genre.

With his lively performances and catchy tunes, General Levy keeps winning over hearts all over the UK and beyond.



FLOHIO has really grabbed everyone’s attention with her super sharp delivery and avant-garde soundscapes. She’s not just winning over fans all over the world, but the critics are loving her too, saying she’s a rising star in the music scene.

Her unique style and fresh approach to music really set her apart, making her someone you’ve got to keep an eye on in the ever-changing music world.

The Evolution of the British White Rapper

The Evolution of the British White Rapper

The white British rapper of today is an artist who has learned from the mastery of the greats before them but is unafraid to break new ground.

They are shaping a UK hip-hop scene that is more diverse and boundary-pushing than ever, and their influence is only set to grow.



Giggs has this cool, laidback but kind of menacing way of rapping, you know? And those signature ad-libs really set him apart as one of the most unique and influential voices in the British hip-hop scene.

He’s got a knack for mixing gritty stories with a cool, understated delivery, which has not only won him a bunch of loyal fans but also loads of critical acclaim. Honestly, Giggs is just a standout artist in the genre.



Klashnekoff, with his sharp lyrics and deep social insights, has made a name for himself as one of the top storytellers in the music scene. He’s got this knack for mixing complex stories with a solid grasp of what’s going on in society, which sets him apart.

He’s not just about entertaining; he educates and gets you thinking, making him a standout figure in the industry.


Riko Dan

Riko Dan is a massive name in the grime music scene. He’s influenced the genre’s unique, bold, lively sound worldwide.

His work has done much more than make grime more popular; it’s also helped get this uniquely British genre appreciated by a much wider audience.



Jme is all about DIY, and as a big part of Boy Better Know, he’s really inspired a ton of young artists.

His vibe has pushed them to take control of their careers on their own, sparking a lot of self-reliance and creativity in the music world.


Mike Skinner (The Streets)

Mike Skinner, known for his deep storytelling, has mastered mixing garage, hip-hop, and indie rock, creating a unique sound that’s made him an indie icon and a key player in British music.

His fresh approach and real stories have clicked with lots of people, making him a big deal in shaping today’s music scene in the UK.



Lowkey’s super commitment to socially conscious rap has bumped his status in the music world and made him a respected voice for many marginalized folks.

He talks about their struggles, challenges, and dreams with such passionate and moving lyrics, shining a light on issues the big media often ignores.

His music is like this powerful platform for sharing what’s on the minds and hearts of those living on the edges of society, making him a key player in the world of socially engaged artistry.



The novelist’s fresh take on grime and fierce, independent spirit really set him apart as one of the most exciting talents in the music scene lately.

His unique style and dedication to what he does have grabbed people’s attention and pulled them in, making him a key player in changing the game for the genre.


Unknown T

Emerging as a breakout star in the vibrant drill music scene, Unknown T has grabbed everyone’s attention with his dynamic flow and raw, streetwise lyrics. He’s quickly become a leading figure in a movement shaking up British rap.

His unique style and authentic storytelling set him apart and pushed the genre to new heights. He’s a key player in changing the game for UK music.


Smiley Culture

Smiley Culture mixed reggae and rap in such a fantastic way, and he was a pioneer with the “fast chat” style, which shook up the music industry.

His unique approach and rhythmic skills didn’t just grab people’s attention and set the stage for future artists to take things even further, opening up new possibilities in music.


Nadia Rose

Nadia Rose has made a mark on the music scene with her playful lyrics and lively delivery, you know? She stands out as this vibrant and energetic act, and it’s not just about her talent.

Her style reflects the lively vibe of her hometown Croydon, bringing a bit of her roots into her music, which connects with people on a deeper level.

Her knack for mixing catchy rhythms with clever words has grabbed listeners’ attention, making her a big deal in the industry.



Mist has an incredible knack for creating amazing stories with his unique melodic verse patterns, which has made him a chart-topping sensation and a role model for aspiring rappers.

His fresh take on music and storytelling has won over fans all around the globe, setting a whole new standard in the rap game.


Lethal Bizzle

Lethal Bizzle’s tracks are catchy and full of bold lyrics, and his big personality has put him in the spotlight and made him super well-known.

He’s got these unique catchphrases that aren’t just part of his music; they’ve become a part of everyday talk for fans and music lovers.



Kano’s super versatile and always up for trying all sorts of sounds, which has earned him a ton of respect in the music world. He’s known for those deep tracks that make you think, but he can also drop some upbeat anthems that get you pumped.

Time and again, Kano has shown he’s got serious chops. Mixing different genres, he’s showing off his incredible range and how committed he is to pushing music’s limits.



Akala’s music stands out because it’s not just deep in its lyrics, but he also brings in this intellectual vibe, talking about race and class in such a complex way.

He mixes art and activism in a way that’s got him many loyal fans and has made him a respected public figure.

He’s passionate about critical social issues, which fans and fellow artists admire and resonate with.


Lisa Mercedez

Lisa Mercedez has burst onto the music scene with her fierce dancehall-flavored rap, quickly making a name for herself as a rising star. Her unique sound adds a fresh twist to the UK scene, making her stand out.

She’s got this incredible ability to mix traditional dancehall beats with the raw vibe of rap music, grabbing the attention of both audiences and critics. Everyone’s saying she’s the one to watch in the ever-changing music world.



MoStack has made a name for himself with catchy hooks and a dynamic personality. He has become a radio favorite and played a big part in boosting the UK music scene’s commercial success.

His unique sound and charisma have set him apart as a significant player in the industry.



Jay1 has caught the attention of music fans with his catchy hooks and beats that get you ready to hit the dancefloor. He’s made a big name for himself in a genre that’s all about street culture. His unique sound and incredible talent have helped him stand out in the crowded music scene, winning over both fans and critics.



With his unique, cheeky lyrics and knack for catchy tunes, Aitch has shot into the spotlight, becoming one of the UK’s most sought-after rappers.

He’s climbed the music charts with his irresistible tracks, earning a big fanbase and cementing his place as a top figure in the UK rap scene.

Celebrating the Impact and Diversity in British Rap

The impact of white British rappers on the UK’s vibrant hip-hop scene cannot be understated. They have opened doors for a new generation of artists, proving that talent transcends all boundaries.

Their music reflects the varied experiences of life in modern Britain, making an indelible mark on the nation’s cultural fabric.

Catalysts for Change

These rappers are more than just musicians – they are catalysts for change, using their platform to address issues of social injustice, racism, and inequality.

Their uncompromising approach to their art provides a powerful voice for those whose stories are often unheard.

Nurturing a Diverse Community

These artists have nurtured a thriving community of fans and fellow musicians by championing diversity and inclusivity.

Through their work, they have built bridges and broken down stereotypes, creating an environment where everyone can share their voice and perspective.

Forward-Looking Visions

The future of British rap is in the hands of these trailblazers, and it looks bright. With new artists constantly pushing the envelope, the scene is set to continue its forward momentum.

The white British rappers of today and tomorrow are not only shaping the sound of UK hip-hop but are also helping to define the country’s cultural landscape for years to come.

Looking to the Future

The prospects for white British rappers are as diverse as the artists themselves. With an unending well of creativity and a strong sense of identity, they’re poised to lead the charge in the next phase of the British rap renaissance.

Continual Growth and Innovation

Continual growth and innovation are assured as these rappers expand their horizons and collaborate with creators worldwide.

They will remain at the forefront of musical trends, offering fresh takes on the genre and further solidifying the UK’s place in global hip-hop culture.

Social and Cultural Catalysts

As social and cultural catalysts, they will continue to be thought leaders and advocates for change, pushing boundaries in music and society.

They’ll use their influence to effect positive changes, creating a legacy far beyond the recording studio’s confines.

An Inclusive Legacy

These artists’ legacy is one of inclusivity, empowerment, and celebration. Their music resonates with audiences of all backgrounds, uniting people through shared experiences and a passion for compelling storytelling.

White British rappers have played an integral role in defining the modern UK hip-hop landscape, and their influence will only grow stronger with time.

White British Rappers – FAQs

Who is considered the best British rapper?

Determining the “best” British rapper is highly subjective and varies based on individual taste, critical acclaim, and impact on the genre.

However, artists like Stormzy, Skepta, and Dizzee Rascal are often cited among the top contenders due to their significant contributions to the scene, groundbreaking achievements, and international recognition.

These artists have carved out a unique space within UK hip hop, influencing countless others and bringing British rap to a global audience.

Can you name a famous white rapper?

Eminem is arguably the most famous white rapper globally, known for his profound lyrical skills, complex storytelling, and the significant success of his albums worldwide.

In the context of the UK, artists like Professor Green and Plan B have also achieved considerable acclaim and success, contributing to the diversity and richness of the British hip-hop scene.

Which rapper is known for being British?

Many rappers are distinctly known for their British origin, each bringing their unique style to the genre.

Stormzy, for instance, is a prominent figure in British hip-hop, celebrated for his sharp lyrics and the depth of his music, which often touches on themes of race, societal issues, and personal growth.

Skepta, another key player, has been instrumental in pushing the boundaries of grime, a subgenre of hip-hop that originated in London, further into the mainstream music consciousness both in the UK and internationally.

These artists, among others, proudly represent the UK rap scene, contributing to its global recognition and appeal.

What is the style of British rap called?

The distinctive style of British rap, especially noted for its unique lyrical flow, rhythms, and accent, is predominantly called “grime.”

Grime originated in the early 2000s in London, characterized by its fast tempo, electronic beats, and, often, socially conscious lyrics. It stands apart from other hip-hop genres with its raw energy and how it intertwines with the UK’s urban culture, making it a significant part of the British music identity.

Different styles like UK drill and British hip hop also play crucial roles in the broader scene, each contributing to the rich tapestry of sounds that define British rap.

Who is a notable English rapper who is a white male?

One notable English rapper who is a white male is Mike Skinner, known by his stage name The Streets.

Skinner has made significant contributions to the British rap scene with his innovative fusion of garage music and hip hop, bringing to life the everyday experiences and challenges of urban life in the UK.

His authentic storytelling and distinctive beats have earned him critical acclaim and a loyal fanbase. Skinner’s work reflects his perspective and encapsulates a broader narrative of British youth culture, making him a pivotal figure in the evolution of rap in the UK.

Who was a well-known white British rapper in the 2000s?

Lady Sovereign is a well-known white British rapper who emerged in the 2000s and significantly impacted the genre. Known for her unique voice, cheeky lyrics, and distinctive style, Lady Sovereign became a prominent figure in the grime scene, a subgenre of British rap.

With hits like “9 to 5” and “Love Me or Hate Me,” she gained international recognition, making her one of the few English female rappers to secure a notable presence in the United States.

Her music often explored themes of identity, social norms, and youth culture, resonating with fans worldwide and paving the way for future artists in the genre.

Can you provide a list of white British rappers?

Certainly! Here’s a list of notable white British rappers who have made significant contributions to the genre:

– Mike Skinner (The Streets): Known for blending garage music with hip-hop and his observational storytelling.
– Lady Sovereign: A critical female figure in grime, famous for her unique voice and cheeky lyrics.
Professor Green: His real name is Stephen Paul Manderson. He is known for his high-energy tracks and deeply personal lyrical content.
Plan B (Ben Drew): He is a rapper, singer, and actor known for his narrative-driven songs and cross genres between rap, R&B, and soul.
– Example (Elliot Gleave): Known for combining rap with electronic music, creating anthemic tracks that have enjoyed widespread commercial success.
Scroobius Pip: Distinguished by his spoken word performances, blending hip-hop with electronica and punk influences.
Devlin: A member of the grime wave, known for his rapid flow and introspective lyrics, Devlin contributed significantly to the genre’s development.
Sleaford Mods (Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn): Although more associated with post-punk, lead vocalist Jason Williamson’s vocal style bears the hallmarks of rap, delivering biting commentary on working-class life and political issues.

These artists represent a fraction of the white rappers in the UK, each bringing their unique styles and insights to the evolving landscape of British hip-hop and grime.

Who are some of the young UK rappers?

The UK rap scene thrives, with young talents rising to prominence. Some notable young UK rappers making waves include:

– AJ Tracey: A versatile artist from Ladbroke Grove, West London, known for his clever wordplay and fusion of grime, hip-hop, and UK garage.
Dave (Santan Dave) Gained critical acclaim for his socially conscious lyrics and complex storytelling, which addressed themes of racial inequality, mental health, and social justice.
Stormzy: Known for his powerful voice and impactful lyrics, he has become a symbol of grime’s resurgence, blending it with gospel and R&B influences.
Aitch: Hailing from Manchester, Aitch has made a name for himself with his catchy flows, witty wordplay, and charisma, contributing to the vibrancy of the UK rap scene.
Fredo: Known for his gritty narratives and reflection on life in West London, Fredo’s music offers a raw glimpse into the realities of street life.
Little Simz: Recognized for her introspective lyrics and dynamic delivery, Little Simz explores themes of identity, womanhood, and the complexities of fame.
Slowthai: With a unique blend of punk energy and hip-hop, slowthai tackles social and political issues, making a distinct mark with his raw and uncompromising sound.

These emerging artists are shaping the future of UK rap and pushing the boundaries of the genre, each with their distinctive voice and innovative musical style.

Who are some famous white British rappers?

Among the notable white British rappers who have made significant contributions to the scene, several stand out for their unique styles and impactful lyrics:

– Skepta: Though not white, Skepta has been a significant figure in the UK grime scene, influencing artists across all backgrounds with his powerful lyrics and flow.
Professor Green: Born Stephen Manderson in London, Professor Green is known for his sharp lyrical content, storytelling, and exploration of personal and social issues.
Plan B (Ben Drew): Plan B has ventured across genres from hip-hop to soul, but his early work in the UK hip-hop scene showcased his rap skills and ability to address gritty urban realities.
Mike Skinner (The Streets): Skinner’s narrative-driven approach and blend of rap with UK garage and electronic music have made him a pivotal figure in British music. He examines life in Britain with honesty and humor.

It’s important to note that the UK rap scene is incredibly diverse, with artists from various backgrounds contributing to its richness and depth.

While the list above includes white British rappers who have had a significant impact, the scene is a tapestry of talents encompassing various experiences and cultural influences.

Are there any female white British rappers?

The UK rap scene, while predominantly male, has begun to see a rise in female talent, challenging the status quo and bringing fresh perspectives to the genre.

Among these, white British female rappers are emerging, though they are not yet as prominent as their male counterparts. Artists like Lady Leshurr, known for her sharp wit and fast-paced flow, have gained international recognition; though she is not white, she is an example of the diversity within the British rap scene.

While specific names of white British female rappers might not be as well-known, the evolving landscape of UK rap suggests that talent from all backgrounds is starting to get the spotlight, indicating that the future may hold more gender and racial representation.

Final Thoughts

So, in a nutshell, white British rappers have brought a huge amount to the UK hip-hop scene. They’re really into their music, always ready to try out new stuff, and they use their tunes to push for change, which is pretty awesome. 

They’ve become key players in the hip-hop world, not just here but globally. Their fearless ideas and no-compromise approach to their craft set a high standard for the next wave of British rap talent. Whether hitting the top of the charts or dropping underground hits, their impact will keep inspiring and shaping hip-hop for a long time.

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