How to Play Ex’s and Oh’s Chords (Beginner Guide)

Curious about the Ex’s and Oh’s chords? Whether you’re a budding musician eager to learn some awesome chords or just a music lover wanting to wow your friends with your tunes knowledge, you’re in the right place.

Guess what? Today, we’re diving into the chords of the catchy “Ex’s and Oh’s” by Elle King. It’s a super popular tune, perfect for beginners. 

Ready to get started? Let’s jump right in!

How to Play Ex’s and Oh’s Chords (Step by Step)

Basic Chords

The song starts with this stunning E major chord that you can play on the keyboard or guitar, laying down that tonal groundwork. You strum this chord on the top three strings on the guitar, and you’ve got this rich, full sound that grabs you from the get-go.

Then, it smoothly transitions through a mix of chords: A minor, B minor, back to E major, then D major, and wraps up with G major.

These chords are pretty straightforward, but together, they create a super engaging melody that hits you in the feels. They’re also great for beginners, so this song is a solid start if you’re getting into music.

Sticking with the key of E major makes everything flow together, making the song sound whole and unified.

Plus, getting these chords down not only means you can play this song but also opens up many other tunes in the same key, which is fantastic for learning more about the guitar or keyboard.

Advanced Chords

If you want to elevate your music and infuse your compositions with more intriguing harmonies, consider incorporating more advanced chords into your repertoire.

Specifically, chords like F# minor (also referred to as F sharp minor) and A# minor (likewise known as A sharp minor) can add a layer of complexity and richness to your sound. 

While these chords may present a challenge due to their complexity, mastering them can significantly enhance your performance, giving it that extra flair and sophistication that’s sure to captivate your audience.

The effort to learn these chords is worth the payoff, as they can transform a simple melody into something truly memorable.

Additionally, to add variety and texture to your music, try interspersing a few measures of arpeggios at strategic points throughout the song.

Arpeggios, essentially chords played one note at a time in a sequence, can create a captivating and intricate sound landscape skillfully integrated.

They provide a way to experiment with the dynamics and pacing of your performance, making your music heard and felt.

By broadening your chordal knowledge and incorporating techniques like arpeggios, you invite your listeners on a more immersive and emotionally resonant musical journey.

Exploring these musical elements not only challenges you as an artist but also enriches the listener’s experience, making your music not just a performance but a shared adventure.

Final Thoughts: Ex’s and Oh’s Chords

Learning new chords is always an exhilarating experience! Diving into songs like “Ex’s and Oh’s” is a fantastic method to sharpen your musical skills and a perfect opportunity to flaunt your latest accomplishments in front of friends and family at social gatherings or parties.

This song’s catchy rhythm and engaging lyrics make it an ideal choice for musicians looking to expand their repertoire.

Whether you tackle the basic version for beginners or challenge yourself with the more advanced arrangements, your performance will be a hit. It’s a unique song that resonates with many, ensuring that your rendition will capture your audience’s attention.

So, don’t hesitate—pick up your instrument of choice and let the infectious energy of those exes and ohs flow through your music.

Not only will you enjoy the learning process, but you’ll also gain the satisfaction of mastering a new piece, ready to be shared and enjoyed by all.

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