How to Make a Private Podcast on Spotify (Easy)

Are you wondering How to Make a Private Podcast on Spotify?

As we continue to embrace technology, podcasts are becoming the more versatile and engaging communication medium. With Spotify being one of the leading podcasting platforms, many have started to take an interest in creating their podcasts. 

Spotify offers a fantastic way of sharing your voice with an exclusive audience you approve. In this comprehensive guide, we shall take you through creating a personal podcast on Spotify.

How to Make a Private Podcast on Spotify

Step 1: Creating a Profile

The first thing you need to do is to visit Spotify’s website and sign up. Once registered and created your profile, go to the podcasting dashboard and click Create your first podcast episode. 

When creating your first episode, ensure the audio is professional, informative, and engaging. After choosing a great topic, select your audio file and save it to your special folders.

Step 2: Creating a Playlist

Once you have uploaded all the audio files for your podcast, you can create a playlist. A playlist is a collection of songs or audio files you can share with an exclusive audience. 

Click on “New Playlist” to create a new playlist; ensure that the playlist is named accordingly and all your audio files are in the playlist.

Step 3: Setting Your Sharing Settings

After creating your playlist, you need to ensure it’s only shared with your intended audience. To do this, you navigate to the share button on your playlist, select “make the playlist secret,” and add only the users allowed to access the playlist. 

This ensures that only the people you have chosen can listen to your private podcast.

Step 4: Start Sharing

After creating the necessary settings, it’s time to share your podcasts with your intended audience. The people you have added can access your playlist and listen to your podcast by following the link or searching for your podcast name on Spotify. 

Analogous to regular podcasts, you can increase your listenership by promoting through social media platforms and sharing your public playlist.

Step 5: Monitor Your Podcast

Lastly, it’s essential to monitor the reception of your private podcast. In Spotify, you can track the number of plays, followers, and shares, which can help you improve your podcast to keep your audience engaged.

Conclusion: How to Make a Private Podcast on Spotify

Creating a private podcast can be a rewarding experience that connects you with your intended audience in a personal way. 

From planning your topic to creating audio files to sharing your exclusive playlist and monitoring your podcast, it’s a continuous and fulfilling process. 

We hope this guide on making a private podcast on Spotify has been helpful as you create and share your podcast with an exclusive audience. Happy podcasting!

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