How to Play Hayloft 2 on Guitar (Step by Step)

Are you wondering how to play Hayloft 2 on guitar?

Are you looking for an easy but super fun guitar song to learn? Look no further than Hayloft 2 by Mumford & Sons. 

With its simple chords, easy strumming pattern, and upbeat tempo, this is the perfect song for college students or any guitarist looking to add some new music to their repertoire. Read on to learn how to play this tune in three easy steps!

How to Play Hayloft 2 on Guitar

Step 1: Learn the Chords

The chords used in Hayloft 2 are Em, G, D, A7, and B7. These chords are all relatively simple and can be played using basic open chord shapes. 

They should come easily if you’ve been playing guitar for a while. Once you feel comfortable with the chord changes, move on to step two!

Step 2: Get the Strumming Pattern Down

The strumming pattern for Hayloft 2 is a simple 8th note pattern that goes like this (down-up-down-up). 

This pattern should also be fairly easy to master once you’ve practiced playing it along with the original track. Keep practicing until you can smooth transitions from one chord to another without missing a beat.

Step 3: Put It All Together!

Now that you know both the chords and strumming pattern for Hayloft 2, it’s time to put them together and get ready to rock out! 

Start slowly at first so that you stay calm. Once your fingers start getting used to moving between the different chords quickly, and your strumming starts sounding fluid and consistent, crank up the speed of your playing until you’re rocking out like Marcus Mumford himself!


Learning how to play Hayloft 2 on guitar is a great way for college students or any budding guitarist looking for an easy but fun song.

The chords are simple enough that even complete beginners can master them quickly. The strumming pattern is also straightforward, making it easier to keep up with the track while smoothly transitioning between each chord change. 

So why not give it a try? You’ll be jammin’ like Mumford & Sons before you know it!

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