How to Play Depression and Obsession on Guitar

Are you wondering how to play depression and obsession on guitar

For any fan of 1975, the song “Depression and Obsession” is a classic. It showcases frontman Matty Healy’s signature sound, providing an impressive blend of upbeat rhythms, rich lyrics, and catchy melodies. 

But while it’s easy to listen to the song, playing it on guitar can be a bit more difficult. Fortunately, with some practice and dedication, you can master the chords and strumming patterns needed to play this indie rock hit, just like the pros. 

Let’s take a look at how it’s done.

How to Play Depression and Obsession on Guitar

Chords Used in “Depression & Obsession”

To start playing “Depression & Obsession,” you’ll need to know your major chords and some seventh chords. This song features three chords from start to finish – G Major (G), Am7 (Amin7), and Bm7 (Bmin7)

The chord progression is G-Amin7-Bmin7 throughout all verses of the song. As you learn each chord shape, try to memorize them by their names – that way, you won’t need a cheat sheet when playing with other musicians later on down the line!

Strumming Pattern for “Depression & Obsession”

Once you’ve got your chords down pat, it’s time to get into the groove! The strumming pattern for “Depression & Obsession” is fairly simple and easy enough for beginners to learn quickly. 

Start by counting four beats per measure before strumming down on each beat – D DU UDU – then continue repeating the same pattern until you reach the end of the verse or chorus. 

You can also add in short upstrokes here and there if you’re feeling adventurous; either way will still sound great! Make sure your timing remains consistent throughout each measure, so everything sounds smooth and in sync.

Learning Songs by Ear

If you want to get even better at playing “Depression & Obsession” on guitar, try learning it by ear rather than relying exclusively on chord diagrams or tabs. 

This involves listening carefully to each note being played to figure out what is going on musically within a particular section of music. 

It may take some practice, but mastering this technique will help improve your accuracy and overall understanding of music theory! Plus, it’s great to jam with friends without having any sheet music handy!


Playing “Depression & Obsession” by 1975 on guitar doesn’t have to be hard if you’re willing to put in some practice time! 

We hope you now understand how to play depression and obsession on guitar. All it takes are three basic chord shapes plus a simple strumming pattern that anyone can quickly learn. 

Once these pieces are mastered individually, it’s just a matter of combining them into one cohesive performance – which is exactly what Matty Healy does when performing this gem live during concerts! 

With dedication and determination, anyone can become an expert guitarist able to play songs like “Depression & Obsession” without hesitation or difficulty. So grab your guitar today and give it a go – you won’t regret it!

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