How to Play Inside Out by Duster on Guitar (Expert Tip)

Are you wondering how to play Inside Out by Duster on guitar

Are you a fan of the 2000s indie rock band Duster? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that their hit song “Inside Out” is easy and fun to play on the guitar. 

This tutorial will walk you through the chords you need to learn to play this classic tune. 

Let’s get started!

How to Play Inside Out by Duster on Guitar

Chords Needed for “Inside Out”

The chords used in this song are Em, A, G, and D. In terms of playing the chords, use your index finger for fret one, your middle finger for fret two, your ring finger for fret three, and your pinky finger for fret four. 

To ensure you stay aware while playing the song, it helps to practice each chord several times before moving on to the next one.

Once you have the basic chord shapes down pat, it’s time to start strumming along with the lyrics. 

Depending on whether or not you decide to sing while playing or stick with strumming along with the music track (or both!), there are a few ways that you can go about doing this. 

For example, if you decide to sing along with the song and play guitar (which we highly recommend!), it might help if you break down different sections of the song into more manageable chunks. This way, it will feel manageable to memorize all the lyrics.

If singing isn’t your thing, but you still want some variation in your strumming pattern while playing “Inside Out,” then try counting out eight measures before switching between two different strum patterns (such as downstrokes and upstrokes). 

The beauty of this approach is that it allows for more creativity in interpreting and playing through the song without having to worry too much about precision. After all, that is part of what makes playing music such an enjoyable experience!


We hope you now understand how to play Inside Out by Duster on guitar. Playing “Inside Out” by Duster on guitar is a great way for any college student or guitarist looking to hone their skills while enjoying a classic tune from one of their favorite bands. 

By breaking down each section into manageable chunks and practicing both chord shapes and strumming patterns beforehand, anyone should be able to master this song in no time! 

So grab your guitar and let loose — everyone loves a good jam session!

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