How to Play 24 Horas on Guitar (The Easiest Way)

Do you want to know how to play 24 Horas on guitar

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to play 24 Horas on guitar, you’re in the right place! 24 Horas is one of the most beloved Spanish songs of all time and has been covered by many famous artists. 

The introductory riff is instantly recognizable and is sure to impress any crowd. Here we will explain how to play the song so you can learn this iconic tune for yourself. Let’s get started!

How to Play 24 Horas on Guitar

The intro riff is a great place to start when learning this song. It sets the tone for the entire song and gives it an extra layer of energy that makes it unique. 

This riff consists of two chords: G minor and E minor, which are both easy to learn but can be tricky to transition between quickly. 

Practice transitioning between these chords as soon as possible so you can nail the intro riff like a pro.

The next part of the song is where things get interesting! After playing through the intro, you’ll need to switch up your strumming pattern to transition into the chorus. 

This part requires quick fingerwork, so practice it several times before attempting it live or with other musicians. 

Use a metronome while practicing to keep time correctly and ensure each chord change is executed flawlessly.

The bridge offers a nice break from all the strumming, allowing you to take some time out and show off your lead guitar skills! 

The bridge consists of four notes which should be played in rapid succession before transitioning back into the chorus again. 

Once again, practice this part until your fingers are used to playing it at speed — don’t jump straight into it without any preparation!


Learning how to play 24 Horas on guitar is a great way for beginner players to hone their skills and show off their chops in front of an audience or other musicians. 

With its iconic intro riff, catchy chorus, and challenging bridge section, there’s something here for everyone — no matter what level of guitarist they may be. 

So grab your axe and get ready – once you know how to play 24 Horas on guitar like a pro, there’ll be no stopping you!

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