How to Play Corridos on Guitar for Beginners (Resolved)

Are you wondering how to play Corridos on guitar for beginners?

Corridos are a cool, traditional Mexican music style that has existed since the late 1800s. Although they don’t top the charts as often as they used to, lots of folks still totally love them.

Are you thinking about strumming some corridos on your guitar? Fabulous, you’re in the right place! 

We walk you through everything you need to know to get started, from nailing those chords to getting the strumming just right and even penning your tunes.

What Are Corridos?

What Are Corridos

Corridos are like the heart of Mexican music, telling tales of heroes, struggles, love, and heartbreak. They date back to the 19th century and really show what life was like then, touching on the social and political issues of the time. 

Over the years, corridos have changed a bit, mixing modern themes and new instruments. But at their core, they’re still all about sharing stories and expressing Mexico’s rich culture.

The Historical Significance of Corridos

Corridos started way back during the Mexican Revolution, and boy, were they essential! They were like the social media of their time, spreading news and stories all over.

Imagine singing about the day’s events, celebrating your heroes, and sharing what everyone felt through music. It wasn’t just about the tunes but about keeping everyone connected and in the loop.

Plus, corridos tell us a lot about what people went through back then, showing us how music can bring us together.

It’s like how we see our team and customers as family, always putting people first and keeping things friendly and straightforward. 

Why Learn to Play Corridos on Guitar?

Playing corridos on the guitar is like diving deep into a treasure chest of culture. It’s not just about strumming strings; it’s about telling stories with much history and emotion.

Imagine every chord you play as a piece of a story, bringing to life tales from Mexican history and society. It’s pretty cool.

Plus, it’s a fantastic way to challenge yourself. Corridos mix up storytelling with some complex tunes, so you’re in for a treat – it’ll test your guitar skills and how you express those deep emotions.

And here’s the best part: it connects you with others. Jamming out to corridos can open doors to meet and play with other musicians.

You’re not just expanding your playlist; you’re making friends and maybe even feeling like a family.

So, why give it a try? It’s a rewarding ride, not just for you as a musician but also for diving into some rich cultural vibes. Plus, who knows the awesome folks you’ll meet along the way!

Tips for Learning Corridos on Guitar

Do you want to play corridos on your guitar? Cool, here’s how to get the groove going:

  • First, get cozy with corridos rhythms like rancheras, polkas, and waltzes.
  • Start simple. Pick corridos with easy chords and slowly level up to the trickier tunes.
  • Dive into different versions of the same corridor. It’s all about catching those unique vibes and styles.
  • Practice makes perfect. Work on those finger muscles for quicker playing.
  • Go ahead, mix it up! Add your unique touch to the music. Try different strums, speeds, and chords to see how they change the song’s feel. Corridos are all about the feels and stories they tell. Your unique spin makes those tales pop in fresh and exciting ways.
  • Jam with buddies or other musicians. It’s fun; you have some cool tricks and teamwork skills.
  • Suppose it’s not at first, no sweat. Especially if you’re to the guitar game, keep at it, and you’ll better bit by bit.
  • Most importantly, have a blast with it! Corridos are about sharing stories, connecting, and having a great time with music. Dive into the cultural richness of corridos and love your guitar-playing journey. Let the corrido’s passion lead the way, whether you’re rereading yourself or rocking out for folks. Happy strumming!

Getting Started with the Guitar

Choosing the Right Guitar for Corridos  

Picking the right guitar for playing corridos is super important. How your guitar sounds and feels makes or breaks your ability to belt out those soulful tunes and stories. Y

ou should get a classical guitar with nylon strings. They are and the guitars are more comprehensive, making fingerpicking and switching between chords easier.

For those who’ve been playing longer, a folk guitar could be more your style. They have a richer sound that is perfect for the lively vibes of corridors.

Most importantly, your guitar feels right in your hands and matches your taste. That connection is vital to bringing the true spirit of corridos to life.

Essential Guitar Setup and Maintenance    

Setting up your guitar correctly is super important, especially for corrido players. Making sure you change your strings often, tune up, and keep your guitar clean are vital steps to keep it sounding awesome and lasting longer.

Knowing how to tweak the action (the gap between the strings and the fretboard) can make playing smoother and save your hands from hurting.

Be bold and ask a pro guitar tech for help, or look up some tips online about keeping your guitar in shape.

We’re about putting people first, treating everyone like family, and ensuring our customers always feel like they’re the ones.

We keep it friendly and easygoing, just like chatting with a buddy. So, remember to keep things simple, use everyday language, and throw in contractions to keep the conversation flowing.

Understanding Guitar Tuning for Corridos    

Hey! So, how do the guitars sound super cool in corrido music? Well, they usually tune them the usual way (‘that’s BE), but then they pop a capo on the second or third fret. It makes the guitar sound higher and gives corridos that unique vibe.

Oh, and some folks go for drop D tuning (‘that’s BE) to get those deep bass notes and make chords sound cooler. Playing with different tunings is like a secret sauce for nailing that perfect corrido sound.

Basic Guitar Techniques for Corridos  

Fundamental Chords Used in Corridos    

Do you want to play corrido music? First, you have to learn the basic guitar chords—the major and mWe’reones and those cool seventh chords that spice things up.

You’ll use chords like D major, G, central, A minor, E minor, and B7.

The trick is to practice moving between these chords smoothly and quickly. It’s all about making your playing better.

Strumming Patterns for Corridos    

Besides knowing the basic chords, getting the hang of rhythm and knowing how you strum to play corridos is essential. Most of the time, corrido tunes stick to a simple strumming vibe, hitting downstrokes on each beat.

But, by tossing in some extraordinary little changes and accents, you’ll make your playing way more fun. Try mixing different strumming styles to see what fits best for each song.

Plus, it’s all about keeping things chill. It’s friendly, just like we’re chatting about it right now.

We’re picking for Corridos.    

Fingerpicking is an excellent technique in corrido music, especially for slow and heartfelt songs. Instead of strumming, you pluck the strings with your fingers, giving a soft and close sound that fits right in with corrido lyrics.

If you practice fingerpicking exercises and learn some popular corrido songs this way, you’ll get way better at it. Plus, you’ll find an excellent way to make your life feel more personal.

Playing with a Pick    

Hey there! So, how is picking with your fingers super common? Many folks also love using a pick to get that excellent percussive sound and zip through strumming patterns way faster.

Some guitar players use a pick for every corrido to keep things smooth and easy. If you’re considering a pick, play around with different types and sizes until you find the perfect fit.

Trust me, it’s all about what feels right in it’s hand.

 Learning Corridos Songs  

Learning Corridos Songs

Easy Corridos Songs for Beginners    

Starting with corridos songs might seem scary, especially if you’re beginning. No stress—there are tons of easy corridos tunes you can get the hang of in no time! For starters, songs like “La Malagueña,” “Cielito Lindo,” and” La Bamba” are great.

They’re “pretty” straightforward with chords and strumming, making them perfect for practice and boosting your confidence.

Plus, think of it as hanging out with friends. These songs are about more than just learning and not feeling good.

So, grab your guitar, and let’s start strumming to some cool let’s dos. Before you know it, you’ll play away—maybe even someone else!

Practice Techniques for Mastering Songs     

To truly master a corrido song, it’s important to practice regularly and efficiently. Here are some techniques you can use:   

  • Start slow: Practice the song slowly until you have mastered the chords and strumming pattern. Gradually increase the speed as you become more comfortable with it.
  • Use a metronome: A metronome can help you stay on beat and improve your timing. Start at a slower tempo and gradually increase the speed as you become more comfortable.
  • Break it down: If a particular section of the song gives you trouble, break it down into smaller parts and practice each separately before putting them together.
  • Record yourself: Recording yourself playing the song can help you identify areas that need improvement and track your progress.
  • Practice with a backing track: Playing with a backing track or a song recording can help you stay in rhythm and get used to playing alongside other instruments.   

Tips for Memorizing Lyrics and Chords     

Memorizing lyrics and chords is an essential step in mastering a corrido song. Here are some tips that can help:  

  • Practice with the lyrics: Start by practicing the song with the lyrics before you. This will help you associate the words with the chords and make it easier to remember.
  • Use visual aids: Creating chord charts or lyric sheets with illustrations can help you remember the song’s structure and visualize where to place your fingers on the guitar.
  • Repetition: Practice makes perfect! The more you practice a song, the easier it will be to remember.
  • Form associations: Create associations between specific lyrics or chords and memorable images or phrases. This can make it easier to recall them while playing.

Performing Corridos  

Enhancing Your Performance Skills    

Once you have mastered the technical aspects of playing a corrido, focusing on your performance skills is essential. Here are some tips to enhance your performance:  

  • Engage with the audience: Make eye contact, smile, and interact with the audience. This can make the experience more enjoyable for both you and the listeners.
  • Add emotion: Corridos are known for their emotional lyrics, so convey the song’s feelings through your performance. This can be done through facial expressions and body language.
  • Vary your dynamics: Don’t play at one volume throughout the song. Use dynamics (variations in loudness and softness) to add interest and emotion to your performance.
  • Practice stage presence: Consider filming yourself performing and analyzing your body language. Are you standing still or moving around? Experiment with different movements to see what looks and feels best.
  • Get feedback: Perform for friends, family, or other musicians and ask for their honest feedback. This can help you identify areas of improvement and enhance your performance skills.

Using Expression and Dynamics in Your Playing    

In addition to varying dynamics in your performance, it’s essential to incorporate experience and dynamics into your playing. Here are some tips:  

  • Use vibrato: Vibrato is a technique where the pitch of a note is varied slightly to add emotion and depth to the sound. Experiment with adding vibrato to different notes in a song.
  • Add slides and bends: Slides and bends can add a sense of movement and emotion to your playing. Practice incorporating them into your corrido repertoire.
  • Pay attention to articulation: Articulation refers to how notes are played, such as staccato (short and separated) or legato (smooth and connected). Experiment with different articulations to add texture to your playing.

Even with all the practice and preparation, many musicians still experience stage fright and performance anxiety.

Here are some tips to help you overcome these challenges:  

  • Practice deep breathing: Before going on stage, take a few deep breaths to calm your nerves and relax your body.
  • Visualize success: Close your eyes and visualize yourself performing confidently and flawlessly. This can help boost your confidence and alleviate anxiety.
  • Focus on the music: Instead of worrying about making mistakes or what the audience may think, focus on enjoying the music and expressing yourself through your performance.
  • Embrace imperfections: Remember that even the best musicians make mistakes. Keep your entire performance intact. Learn to embrace imperfection and keep moving forward.
  • Seek support: Talk to fellow musicians or a teacher about your performance anxieties. Sometimes, just talking about it can help alleviate some pressure and provide helpful tips.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Playing Corridos on the Accordion: This comprehensive online course covers all aspects of playing corridos on the accordion, from basic techniques to advanced skills. 
  • Accordion Love: Beginner and Intermediate Lessons for Mexican Music: This series of video lessons focuses specifically on traditional Mexican music styles, including corridors. 
  • Accordion Life Academy: This online platform offers a variety of courses and resources for accordion players of all levels, including lessons on traditional Mexican music. 

 Best Books for Learning Corridos on Guitar    

  • “El Gato Montés: Spanish Songs for “olo Accordion” by Gary Dahl: This book includes “sheet music and accompanying audio files for popular corridos, making it an excellent resource for learning new songs.
  • “The Ultimate Guide to Playing Mexican Corridos on the Guitar” by Salvador Moreno: This instructional book covers everything from basic techniques to advanced skills for playing corridos on the guitar.
  • “Mexican Corridos for Accordion” by Alfred Music: This sheet music collection includes a variety of traditional Mexican songs, including corridors, explicitly arranged for accordion players. 

Communities and Forums for Corridos Guitarists  

Corridos guitarists often find it helpful to connect and share their passion for this unique style of music. Communities and forums provide a platform for corridos guitarists to connect, learn, and collaborate.

1. Online Communities

There are various online communities specifically created for corridos guitarists. These communities are an excellent way for beginners to seek guidance and advice from experienced players and for advanced players to share their knowledge and techniques with others.

Some popular online communities for corridos guitarists include:

  • Corridos Guitar Forum: This is a dedicated forum for all interested in corridos guitar. It has various sections such as “Techniques,” “Gear Talk,” and “Les” ons,” where” y “u can find “discuss” sions, t “ps, and resources from fellow guitarists.
  • Corridos Guitar Reddit: Reddit is a popular social news platform with various subreddits dedicated to different topics. The Corridos Guitar subreddit provides a space for corridos guitarists to share videos, ask questions, and discuss anything related to the genre.
  • Facebook Groups: Numerous Facebook groups focus on corridos guitar. These groups allow you to connect with other players, share your progress, and seek advice. Some popular groups include “Corridos Guitar Lessons” and “Guit” rristas de Corridos.”

2″ In-P” on Communities

Aside from online communities, in-person communities also exist for corridos guitarists. These communities offer musicians the opportunity to come together, jam, and learn from each other in a more personal setting.

  • Local Music Schools or Stores: Many local music schools and stores often offer classes or workshops specifically for corridos guitar. This is a great way to connect with other players in your area and improve your skills under the guidance of experienced teachers.
  • Meetup Groups: Meetup is a platform that connects people with similar interests in their local area. There are often corridos guitar meetup groups that organize jam sessions and workshops for players to come together and learn from each other.
  • Open Mic Nights: Open mic nights at local bars or cafes can also be a great way to meet other musicians, including fellow corridos guitarists. These events provide a casual and supportive environment for musicians to showcase their skills and connect with others.

3. Workshops and Festivals

Attending workshops and festivals dedicated to corridos guitar can also enrich any guitarist’s experience.

  • Corridos Guguitarist’ sops: Many music schools, organizations, or individual instructors offer specialized workshops for corridos guitar. These workshops often focus on specific techniques or styles within the genre and provide an opportunity to learn from skilled instructors.
  • Corridos Guitar Festivals: Festivals dedicated to corridos music, such as “Festival de los Corridos” in Mexic,” also feature workshops” and masterclasses for corridos guitarists. These events offer valuable learning opportunities and allow networking and connecting with other players in the genre.
  • Masterclasses: Many festivals and events offer masterclasses with renowned corridos guitarists in addition to workshops. These classes typically involve a more in-depth exploration of specific techniques or styles and provide a unique opportunity to learn from experts in the field.

4. Online Resources

With the increasing availability of online resources, connecting with other corridos and guitarists and accessing learning materials has become more accessible. Here are some ways to use online platforms for networking and learning:

  • Online Forums: Joining online forums or groups dedicated to corridos music can be a great way to connect with other players, share tips and techniques, and discuss various aspects of the genre. Some popular forums include “El Blog del Corrido” and “Corridos” Prohibidos.”
  • Social”Media Following corridos,” guitarists, and pages on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube can also provide a wealth of resources for learning and connecting with others in the genre.
  • Online Lessons: Many music instructors offer online lessons for corridos guitar, providing a convenient way to learn from your home. Platforms like Skype and Zoom have allowed one-on-one lessons with skilled instructors from anywhere in the world.
  • Video Tutorials: YouTube has numerous tutorials on corridos, guitar techniques, and songs. These can be a helpful resource for learning new techniques or perfecting your skills.
  • Virtual Festivals and Events: Some festivals and events have started offering virtual options, allowing people worldwide to participate. These can be a great way to learn from renowned artists and connect with other players in the genre.

Recap of What We’ve Learned

  • Corridos guitar is a We’vee style of playing that combines traditional Mexican folk music with modern influences.
  • Essential techniques such as rasgueado, tremolo, and arpeggios are crucial to mastering corridos guitar.
  • The history of corridos music is deeply rooted in Mexican culture and has evolved to reflect current social and political issues.
  • In addition to traditional learning methods, many online resources and virtual events are available to hone your skills and connect with others in the corridos community.

The Future of Corridos Guitar Learning and Networking

As technology advances, so do the opportunities for learning and networking within the music industry. With the rise of virtual events and online platforms, it is easier than ever to connect with fellow musicians and learn from experienced players.

Some possible future developments in the world of corridos guitar learning and networking include:

  • Virtual workshops and masterclasses led by renowned corridos guitarists
  • Online communities specifically for sharing tips, techniques, and resources related to this genre
  • Collaborative projects between musicians from different regions and backgrounds to create new and innovative corrido music
  • Integration of technology, such as virtual reality or augmented reality, into the learning experience for a more immersive and interactive approach

FAQs: Learning to Play Corridos on Guitar

Q: How long does learning to play corridos on the guitar take?  

A: The time it takes to learn corridos on the guitar can vary widely depending on your prior experience with the guitar, the amount of time you dedicate to practice, and your learning approach. Typically, beginners can start to play simple corridos songs within a few months of regular practice.

Q: Do I need a specific type of guitar to play corridors?  

A: While corridos can be played on any acoustic or electric guitar, a classical guitar with nylon strings is often preferred for its softer tone, which suits the traditional sound of corridors.

However, the most crucial factor is to use a guitar that feels comfortable for you.

Q: Are there any recommended online platforms for learning corridors?  

A: Yes, several online platforms offer lessons specifically for corridos guitar, including YouTube tutorials, dedicated online guitar learning websites, and virtual workshops hosted by experienced corridos musicians.

Research and find one that matches your learning style and goals.

Q: Can I learn to play corridos alone, or do I need a teacher?  

A: Many musicians successfully learn to play corridos independently through self-study, using online resources, and practicing with recordings.

However, working with a teacher can accelerate learning, provide structured guidance, and help correct technical mistakes early on.

Q: What are some essential corridos guitar techniques I should know?  

A: Essential techniques for playing corridos on the guitar include fingerpicking, strumming patterns unique to the genre, chord transitions, and playing lead lines that mimic the vocal melody.

Mastering these techniques will help you capture the authentic sound of corrido music.

Q: How can I connect with other corridos musicians or enthusiasts?  

A: Participating in online forums, joining social media groups dedicated to corridos music, and attending live music events or workshops can help you connect with fellow musicians and enthusiasts.

Networking is vital to finding collaborators and expanding your knowledge of the genre.

Final Thoughts: How to Play Corridos on Guitar for Beginners

This guide covers the basics of corridos guitar techniques and tips for improving your skills. We have also discussed the history and cultural significance of corridos music in Mexico and how it has evolved.

Additionally, we explored various resources and platforms for learning and networking within the corridos genre, from in-person events to online lessons and social media.

As with any musical instrument, consistent practice and dedication are crucial to mastering the guitar. These tips and resources can help you continue to grow as a musician and connect with others who share your passion for this unique and dynamic genre.

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