How to Play Mary on a Cross on Guitar (Beginner’s Guide)

Are you looking for a fun and challenging song to learn to play on the guitar? Are you wondering how to play Mary on a Cross on guitar?

Look no further than “Mary on a Cross” by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. This classic rock tune is an amazing way to show off your guitar skills, and it’s surprisingly easy to learn. Let’s take a look at how to play this fantastic song.

How to Play Mary on a Cross on Guitar

Chords Used in the Song

The first thing you need to learn is the chords used in the song. You will play two chords throughout the song: A minor and B major. 

To play these chords, you will use three fingers of your left hand and two of your right hand. Place the index finger of your left hand at the fifth fret on the third string, the middle finger of your left hand at the sixth fret on the fourth string, and your left hand’s ring finger at the seventh fret on the fifth string. 

To play B major, move all three fingers one string up so that they are now all placed at frets six, seven, and eight, respectively. Once you have these shapes down, you should practice switching between them.

Strumming Pattern for Mary on a Cross

Once you have mastered switching between chords, it’s time to focus on strumming patterns for this song. The strumming pattern for “Mary On A Cross” is quite simple; it consists mainly of quarter notes with some eighth notes thrown in for good measure. 

Start by playing four quarter notes per bar like this: D-D-D-D. Then add some eighth notes between those quarter notes like this: D-DU-DU-D or DU-DU-D-D (where U stands for an upstroke). 

Practice this pattern until it feels comfortable before adding it to your playing while switching between chords.

Adding Lyrics

Once you feel comfortable with strumming and chord changes, it’s time to add in lyrics! The lyrics are quite straightforward; only two lines repeat throughout most of the song – “Mary On 

A Cross” and “She Prays For All Of Us.” Sing along as you play through each verse until you have them memorized!

Conclusion: how to Play Mary on a Cross on Guitar

Learning how to play “Mary On A Cross” is a great way to challenge yourself as a guitarist while also having fun! We hope you now understand how to play Mary on a Cross on guitar.

With just two chords and one strumming pattern, learning this classic rock tune can be done relatively quickly but still gives you plenty of room for improvisation when playing live or recording. So grab your guitar and get started today! 

College student guitarists everywhere will be impressed with how quickly they can learn such an iconic classic rock tune from BRMC!

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