How to Play Ella on Guitar (Step by Step)

Are you looking for a new song to learn? Look no further than “Ella.” Wondering how to play Ella on Guitar

This song was written by the multi-talented singer/songwriter Jack Johnson. It’s a beautiful and simple song that anyone can learn quickly. 

Just follow these steps for playing “Ella” on guitar, and you’ll be strumming it in no time.

How to Play Ella on Guitar

Step 1: Learn the Chords

Learn the chords of the song. The chord progression for “Ella” is as follows: Am, F, C, G. Once you get the hang of the chords and their finger position on the fretboard, move on to step two.

Step 2: Keep Practising

Practice changing between chords. After familiarizing the chord shapes for Am, F, C, and G, practice moving from one chord to the next without pausing or stopping. 

Make sure you keep your fingers close to their positions, so there is no delay when transitioning from one chord to another.

Step 3: Strumming & Singing

Start strumming & singing along! To play Ella correctly, use an alternating strum pattern (downstrum-upstrum-downstrum-upstrum). 

Remember not to rush; take your time as you switch between chords and ensure that each strum is smooth, even with all strings ringing out clearly. 

Additionally, try singing along as you play! Learning any new song helps to have an idea of what it should sound like before attempting it yourself. 

So grab some headphones and listen closely while practicing the chords and strums until they become second nature.

Conclusion: How to Play Ella on Guitar

By following these three steps in order—learning the chords of the song, practicing changing between them without pausing or stopping, then adding in an alternating strum pattern—you will be able to play “Ella” on guitar in no time! 

This beautiful tune makes for a great addition to your repertoire and is easy enough for those who are just starting on guitar! So grab your guitar and give it a go – happy playing!

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