How to Play Hey Jude Chords on Guitar (Simple Guide)

“Hey Jude Chords” is one of the most classic Beatles songs ever. And the good news is, it’s pretty easy to learn on guitar! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced musician, this song will surely be a crowd favorite. So let’s learn how to play “Hey Jude” on guitar.

How to Play Hey Jude Chords on Guitar 

Chords Used in Hey Jude

The chords used in the song are Em7, A7, Bm7, and Cmaj7. Since these are all relatively simple chords, they should be easy enough for beginners to pick up after a few practice sessions. 

If you’re having trouble with any of them, take your time and remember that slow and steady wins the race!

Strumming Pattern for Hey Jude

Once you’ve mastered the chords for “Hey Jude,” it’s time to work on the strumming pattern. The best way to do this is by breaking the song down into sections and practicing each section individually until you can play it without thinking about it too much. 

For example, try playing each chord several times before transitioning to the next one. This will help you nail down the strumming pattern without getting overwhelmed by all the different chords involved.

Playing Along With Other Instruments

If you want to improve your skills, try playing “Hey Jude” along with other instruments, such as a piano or organ. 

Doing so will help you hone your timing and coordination skills while also allowing you to show off your chops! 

Just ensure that everyone is playing at the same tempo before getting started – otherwise, things can get messy quickly!

Conclusion: Hey Jude Chords

Playing “Hey Jude” on guitar can be great fun for players of any level. It’s an iconic song everyone loves, and its simple chords make it accessible even for beginners. 

Once you’ve got those down, practice your strumming pattern until it becomes second nature, and then try playing along with other instruments if you’re feeling adventurous!

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