How to Upload Your DJ Mixes to Spotify (Easy Guide)

Are you a DJ looking for a way to share your mixes with the world? Do you want to know How to Upload Your DJ Mixes to Spotify?

Look no further than Spotify! With over 248 million active users, Spotify offers DJs an easy and accessible platform to get their music out. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to upload your mixes to Spotify step-by-step.

How to Upload Your DJ Mixes to Spotify

Step 1: Create or Join a Record Label

The first thing you need to do is create or join a record label. This can be an existing label or one you start on your own. When creating a new label, ensure it has all of the necessary information filled out, including name, contact info (phone number and email address), and website URL. 

Once your label is created, it will be added as the “artist” in every song or album you upload.

Step 2: Distribute Your Music

Once your record label is set up, the next step is to distribute your music so that it can be found on Spotify. Several services are available for distributing music, such as CD Baby and TuneCore. 

Most distribution services charge a fee, but they provide tools that help manage metadata and get your music onto streaming platforms like Spotify.

Step 3: Upload Your Tracks onto Spotify

Now that you’ve distributed your music through one of these services, it’s time to upload it onto Spotify! To do this, log into the service where you spread your music and click the “Upload” button. 

From there, choose which tracks you want to be uploaded and fill in any necessary information, such as release date and track title, before clicking “Submit.” 

You can also add artwork for each track if desired. Once everything is submitted, it should take 24 hours for your tracks to appear on Spotify.

Conclusion: How to Upload Your DJ Mixes to Spotify

That’s all there is to upload your DJ mixes onto Spotify! It may seem like a long process at first, but once everything is set up, it should be relatively straightforward from then on out. 

With 248 million active users worldwide listening to their favorite tunes on the platform daily, now’s the perfect time to get started sharing yours too! Good luck!

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