How to Play Pure Imagination on Piano (Simple Guide)

Have you ever wondered How to Play Pure Imagination on Piano?

You might recognize the tune of “Pure Imagination” from the beloved classic movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The whimsical melody written by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley is a perfect choice for a piano piece. 

If you are a piano player and want to learn how to play Pure Imagination, this blog post is for you. Follow the steps mentioned below to play this iconic melody on your piano.

How to Play Pure Imagination on Piano

Step 1: Start With the Right Chords

Before you begin playing “Pure Imagination,” getting the right chords is essential. The four chords, Bm7, Dmaj7, F#7, and Gmaj7, create the perfect harmony that will make you fall in love with this melody. 

Please get to know the chords well, and try practicing the chord progression till you’re comfortable playing them.

Step 2: Note Placement

To play “Pure Imagination” on the piano, you must understand the placement of notes. You can follow a pattern and identify some repeated notes in the melody. 

Practice playing one section of the piece until you’ve mastered it before moving on to the next part. You can begin by playing the melody with your right-hand using the sheet music as a guide.

Step 3: Adding the Left Hand

Once you are comfortable playing the melody with your right hand, add the left-hand chords. Start by striking the chord simultaneously with specific notes, with the right-hand fingers to better grip the melody. 

You’ll effortlessly hit the chords in sync with the melody as you continue to play.

Step 4: Play the Melody and Chords Together

You can play the melody and chords simultaneously to add color to the sound. You’ll need to articulate the melody while maintaining the harmonious rhythm of the chords. 

Once you’ve learned this, you’ll find that playing the melody and chords together would be effortless.

Step 5: Practice and Polish

Practice the melody in sections to ensure you are playing “Pure Imagination” easily. Once you’ve mastered one section, move on to the next. 

With continuous practice, you can play the whole piece smoothly. Try playing with different tempos and rhythms to give the melody its unique sound.

Conclusion: How to Play Pure Imagination on Piano

“Pure Imagination” is an iconic piece that has fascinated audiences of all ages. Following these five steps, you’ll discover that playing the melody and chords together is straightforward. 

The most important thing is to practice and get to know the chords and notes of the melody. Once you’ve memorized the piece, you’ll find that playing it on the piano is fun and an excellent exercise for your fingers. 

Get to know the melody well, and we promise you’ll be waiting for someone to ask you to play “Pure Imagination” on the piano.

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