How to Play Ya Acabo on Guitar (Expert Tip)

Are you wondering how to play Ya Acabo on guitar?

Playing Ya Acabo by the band Los Amigos Invisibles is a great way to practice your Latin grooves on guitar. This song is great for any guitarist looking for a different sound and groove than what they are used to playing. 

It’s an easy yet unique addition to any guitarist’s repertoire that will impress your friends and family when you play it in front of them. 

So, let’s get started!

How to Play Ya Acabo on Guitar

The Song Structure of Ya Acabo

Ya Acabo is an instrumental song, so there aren’t any vocals or lyrics, but some key elements still make up the structure of the song. 

The main pieces are the intro, verse, chorus, bridge, and outro. Several variations of each section throughout the song also help create its unique sound. 

The introduction consists of a two-measure phrase that repeats twice and then leads into a four-measure phrase which starts with a single-note guitar melody before adding chord accompaniment from both guitars. 

The verse follows this same formula as it has two distinct sections—one two-measure phrase followed by a four-measure phrase—that repeat throughout the verse. 

After this comes the chorus, where we hear a progression of chords played over an eighth-note pattern that lasts eight measures before moving back into the verse again. 

Following this is a bridge similar to the chorus but features more syncopated rhythms and longer phrases than we heard in the verse or chorus sections. 

Finally, there is an outro where all instruments drop out one by one until only one remains, playing a single-note melody fading out at the end of the track.

How To Play Ya Acabo On Guitar

Now that you know what makes up Ya Acabo’s structure, let’s look at how to play it on guitar. We’ll start with the intro since it’s relatively simple compared to other sections and can be used as a foundation for building up our technique throughout the rest of the song. 

For this section, you will need to use alternate picking (down/up/down/up) over two strings while changing chords for every two measures (Dmin7 – F#min7 – A7 – Dmin7)

Once you have mastered this part, you can move on to other sections, such as playing eighth notes during choruses or more complicated rhythms in bridges or verses etc. 

Once you have all these pieces, you should confidently play Ya Acabo from beginning to end!


Playing Ya Acabo on guitar can be fun and challenging sometimes, but with practice and dedication, anyone can learn how to do it! 

It is also important to remember that although this article covers only one song, many other songs with similar structures can be explored once you have mastered this one. 
We hope you now understand how to play Ya Acabo on guitar. So grab your guitar and get ready for some severe Latin grooving! You won’t regret it!

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