How to Play Hidden in the Sand on Guitar (Simple Guide)

Have you just heard a new song called “Hidden in the Sand”? Are you a guitarist eager to learn how to play Hidden in the Sand on Guitar

Then you’ve come to the right place! Read on for your guide to playing “Hidden in the Sand” on guitar. It may sound difficult, but with enough practice and patience, you can master this song.

How to Play Hidden in the Sand on Guitar

The Basics of “Hidden in the Sand”

This is a great song for intermediate players looking for a challenge. “Hidden in the Sand” is played in the key of A minor and is composed of three verses and two choruses. 

The chords used are A minor, F major, G major, B dim (also known as Bm7b5), C major, and D major. All of these chords should be familiar to most intermediate players.

Each verse consists of four bars with two chords per bar. The first verse uses A minor and F major, while the second uses G major and B dim (Bm7b5). 

Finally, the third verse goes back to A minor and F major before leading into a chorus that consists of four bars alternating between C major and D major chords. 

It’s important to note that each chord lasts only one beat, so you’ll need to change quickly from one chord to another.

Try counting along with the song to ensure you’re playing correctly. Count “1-2-3-4” for each beat of every bar—this will help keep your rhythm steady throughout each song section. 

You can also count using “1-and-2-and-3-and-4” if that helps you stay on track. 

Once you get comfortable with counting along with the song, it will become easier to transition between chords without losing your place or slowing down your tempo.

Adding Style To Your Performance

Now that we’ve covered some basics about how “Hidden in the Sand” is structured, let’s talk about adding style! 

Adding slides between certain chords during each verse or chorus is a great way to give your performance some extra flair. 

For example, try sliding up from an A minor chord into an F Major chord at any point throughout each verse or chorus—this will add some texture and movement while keeping things interesting for yourself and your audience! 

As always, make sure that you keep your tempo steady so that all notes are properly hit when they should!


With practice and patience, anyone can master “Hidden in the Sand” on guitar! This beautiful piece will mesmerize listeners at every turn as they journey through its dynamic chord progressions and melodic transitions. 

Whether performing solo or jamming with friends at college parties, this piece has something for everyone who loves music! 

We hope you now understand how to play Hidden in the Sand on Guitar. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start learning this excellent piece today! Happy strumming!

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