How to Play Escapism on Guitar (Step by Step)

Are you wondering how to play Escapism on guitar

If you’re an aspiring guitarist, Radiohead’s “Escapism” is the perfect song to learn how to play. The melody and chords are relatively simple yet captivating, and it sounds fantastic when strummed on the guitar. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to play this classic tune.

How to Play Escapism on Guitar

Step 1: Learn the Chords

The first thing you’ll need to do is familiarize yourself with the chords used in this song. The majority of “Escapism” is played using three chords: A major, D major, and E minor. 

It may seem daunting initially, but you can quickly get the hang of them with some practice. Once you’ve got those down, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Learn The Strumming Pattern

Now that you know the chords, it’s time to start learning the strumming pattern. This is more complicated than just playing with the chords; it requires mastering a specific rhythm that works for each chord progression. 

Start by practicing slowly and gradually, increasing your speed as you get comfortable with the pattern. Once you’ve nailed it, try playing along with some of your favorite songs!

Step 3: Add Bass Lines and Fills

Once you’ve mastered the basic chords and strumming patterns, adding bass lines and fills will give your rendition of “Escapism” a unique flair. Start experimenting with different bass lines until you find one that feels right for your version of this song. 

You can also add some flourishes or decorative notes between chord changes, bringing your performance to life!


Learning to play Radiohead’s “Escapism” on guitar is an excellent way for college students or aspiring guitarists to hone their skills while simultaneously having fun! 

With some patience and practice, anyone can master this timeless tune in no time, so grab your guitar and start strumming away!
We hope you now understand how to play Escapism on guitar. If you have any comments feel free to ask via the comment section below.

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