How to Play Roslyn on Guitar (Beginner’s Guide)

Are you wondering how to play Roslyn on guitar?

If you’re looking for a great song to learn and play on guitar, look no further than “Rosyln” by Bon Iver. 

Whether you’re just starting or have been playing the guitar for years, this tune will surely become one of your favorites. Let’s explain how to play it so you can start strumming away!

How to Play Roslyn on Guitar

Chords Needed To Play Roslyn On Guitar

The most important part about learning any song on guitar is knowing the chords. Here are the five chords you will need to know to play Roslyn: D, G, A, Em, and Bm. 

These are all the fairly simple chord shapes that any beginner guitarist should be able to pick up quickly. Once these chords are down, you can move on to the actual song.

Strumming Pattern For Playing Roslyn On Guitar

The next step is choosing a strumming pattern. This can vary depending on personal preference, but a good one works well with this song: Down, Down Up, Down Up, Down Up x2 (D DU U U DU)

Keep it consistent throughout the song, and practice until it feels comfortable in your hands. You may also want to experiment with different variations of this pattern and add in some palm muting or picking techniques.

Putting It All Together To Play Roslyn On Guitar

Once you know the chords and have a solid strumming pattern, it’s time to put everything together and learn how to play Roslyn on guitar! 

Start by playing the intro section which consists of four bars of D followed by two bars of G. Then move on to the verse, which follows the same chord structure but with an added Em chord at the end of each bar. 

The chorus uses a slightly different chord progression involving playing A-G-D twice before transitioning back into the verse. 

Finally, a bridge section utilizes Bm and Em chords before resolving back into D once more. When you feel like you have mastered all of these parts, try putting them together in order and see how it sounds!

You can also check out the video below:


Learning how to play Roslyn on guitar doesn’t have to be complicated; all you need are five basic chords and some practice! This tune is great for both beginners and experienced players; its catchy melody will have everyone singing along in no time! So grab your guitar and get ready for some fun – let’s start learning how to play Roslyn today!

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