How to Play Looking Out for You on Guitar (Step by Step)

Are you wondering how to play looking out for you on guitar?

Look no further than “Looking Out for You” by the alternative rock band The Fray. This upbeat tune is perfect for any college student who wants to learn how to play the guitar but is overwhelmed by all the complicated songs. 

Here’s how you can learn the song in five simple steps.

How to Play Looking Out for You on Guitar

Step 1: Learn the Chords

The chorus of this song contains four chords – A minor, D Minor, G Major, and C Major. If you still need to get familiar with these chords, don’t worry! 

Plenty of online resources can show you how to play them. Your best bet is probably YouTube tutorials or just searching up chord diagrams online. 

Once you have the chords down, it’s time to move on to step two.

Step 2: Practice Strumming Patterns

The chorus of this song has a particular strumming pattern that might take some getting used to if you’re new to playing guitar. It’s a down-up-down-up pattern (downstroke-upstroke-downstroke-upstroke), but it varies slightly depending on which chord you’re playing at any given moment. 

Start slow and build up speed as your confidence grows and your muscle memory kicks in.             

Step 3: Mastering the Intro Riff

At first glance, the intro riff might seem intimidating because of its complexity. However, it becomes much more manageable once broken down into individual parts! 

It consists of three notes (E-D#-E) played together quickly, followed by one full measure of rest before repeating itself. This part should come quickly enough with a bit of practice and patience!

Step 4: Nailing the Verse Parts

The verse parts consist of two main components: a rhythm guitar part and a lead guitar part. 

The rhythm part is straightforward, just strum chords following the same general pattern as in the chorus section – downstroke/upstroke/downstroke/upstroke). 

The lead part is slightly trickier; it involves playing single notes rather than chords using hammer-ons and pull-offs, as well as bends and slides for added drama and texture. 

Take your time with this one; start slow and speed up once you get comfortable with each step in sequence!

Step 5: Putting It All Together

Once you’ve mastered all four sections individually, it’s time to combine them into one cohesive piece! 

Start slowly and gradually increase speed until you feel comfortable playing through everything at full tempo without making mistakes or tripping over yourself. 

Remember: practice makes perfect, so keep going even if it takes a while before everything comes together seamlessly!

You can also check out video tutorial below:


Congratulations – now that you’ve finished learning “Looking Out For You” on guitar, you’re ready to impress your friends with your newfound skills! 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different strumming patterns or lead licks; music is all about expressing yourself creatively, so take chances and have fun with it! 

Whether you end up sticking with “Looking Out For You” or trying something else, good luck on your musical journey!

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