How to Play Gallowdance on Guitar (Ultimate Guide)

Are you wondering how to play Gallowdance on guitar

If you’re looking for a challenge, look no further than learning to play Gallowdance on guitar. This classic folk song has been around since the late 1700s, and today it is still a favorite amongst college students and guitarists alike. 

It’s easy for a beginner to learn but complex enough for even advanced players to get creative with their playing. Keep reading below for tips and tricks to master this classic tune.

How to Play Gallowdance on Guitar

Chords Used in Gallowdance

The chords in Gallowdance are fairly straightforward, so beginners should have no problem picking up the basics quickly. 

The main chord progression is G-C-D-Em-G-C-D, but there are a few variations that you can use as well. These alternate progressions include G-Cmaj7-D-Em7-G7 and Gmaj7–Cmaj9–D9–Em7–G6/9/11–Cmaj13–D13/F♯–Em7–G13. 

Experiment with different versions of these chords until you find one that best suits your playing style!

Fingerpicking Pattern

Once you’ve got the chords down, you can move on to mastering the fingerpicking pattern of Gallowdance. 

This part is where the real fun begins! To keep things simple, start with a basic 8th note rhythm using your thumb and index finger on your right hand (or left hand if you’re a lefty!). 

Once you get comfortable with this pattern, try adding more complex rhythms like triplets or sixteenth notes. 

You can also change the timing of when specific notes are played to add emphasis or create more interesting sounds.


For an extra layer of complexity and texture in your playing, consider adding arpeggios to your version of Gallowdance. Arpeggios are when each note in a chord is played separately instead of strumming all at once. 

Depending on which chord progression you choose to use, there are lots of different arpeggio patterns that can be used here – so feel free to experiment! Make sure that whatever pattern you choose fits within the overall timing of the song and sounds good musically!

You can also check out the video below:


We hope you now understand how to play Gallowdance on guitar. Gallowdance is an incredibly fun song to learn how to play on guitar! With its catchy melody and easy chords, it’s perfect for both beginners who are just starting as well as experienced players who want a challenge. 

With practice and dedication, anyone can master this classic tune – so grab your guitar and get ready to rock!

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