How to Move Piano Upstairs (Easy Guide)

Are you wondering How to Move Piano Upstairs? Moving a piano up the stairs is often daunting. We usually think it’s impossible, but with the right know-how, some effort, and the help of a few friends, it can be done! 

If you’ve recently purchased an upright piano and need to move it upstairs, read on for some tips on how to get it up there successfully.

How to Move Piano Upstairs

Before You Begin Moving Your Piano Upstairs

The first step in moving your piano upstairs is to take measurements. Measure both the stairway as well as the piano itself. Ensure your stairway is wide enough and long enough for your piano to fit through. You don’t want any surprises when you begin moving it!

Next, you’ll need to gather supplies. Depending on how big your stairs are and how far up they go, you may need additional items, such as furniture sliders or even a hand truck. 

You’ll also want some blankets or protective padding (such as bubble wrap), so the piano won’t be scratched or damaged during the move. 

Remember rope or bungee cords; these will come in handy for securing the piano once it’s in place.

Finally, ensure you have plenty of help from your friends and family—at least four people should do the job. Now that you’re all set up let’s get started!

How to Move Your Piano Upstairs

The first step is getting the legs off your piano, making maneuvering much easier (especially if there are tight turns at each corner). 

Gently slide furniture sliders underneath each leg before removing them—this will prevent unnecessary scratches on wood surfaces like hardwood floors/carpeting while moving them elsewhere in the house or outside for storage until after the move is complete. 

Once all four legs are off, use blankets or padding to wrap up both sides of your instrument (you don’t want any scratches!). Then use ropes or bungee cords to secure everything tightly before moving upstairs.

Assuming that your stairway is wide enough and long enough for your piano to fit through, carefully place furniture sliders under each side of your instrument and lift one side slightly higher than the other so that one end of your instrument can be placed onto each step of your staircase as you slowly inch forward towards upstairs destination point. 

As you inch forward on each step with one end slightly higher than the other, rely on extra support from helpers who help keep balance steady throughout the process by lightly pushing/pulling where necessary around tight corners/corners with more steps, etc. 

Once at the top of the staircase – gently slide the instrument into position at its new home – remove ropes/bungee cords – replace legs – and voila – mission accomplished!

Conclusion: How to Move Piano Upstairs

Moving a piano upstairs doesn’t have to be impossible; with proper planning and preparation and help from helpful friends/family members, it can be done! 

Take accurate measurements before beginning the project – gather required supplies – ensure extra helping hands are present throughout the process – then slowly inch forward using furniture sliders – careful not to scratch surfaces – secure with ropes/bungee cords if needed– gently slide into position at the final destination — remove ropes /bungee cords/legs–and enjoy music-making in a new spot! 

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