How to Move a Baby Grand Piano (Step by Step)

Are you wondering How to Move a Baby Grand Piano? You’ve just purchased a beautiful baby grand piano and can’t wait to start playing! 

Before you can do that, you must figure out how to move it into your home. Moving a piano is no small feat, but it can be done with the right knowledge and careful planning! 

Here’s what you need to know about moving a baby grand piano.

How to Move a Baby Grand Piano

Gather Your Supplies

Before attempting to move a baby grand piano, you must have all the necessary supplies. You will need at least two strong people for the job and furniture sliders or heavy-duty dollies (or both). 

The sliders should have a wide enough base to fit beneath the entire length of the legs on either side of the piano. Try to use four people instead of two; this will make the process much easier and less risky for everyone involved.

Secure Your Piano

Once your supplies are gathered, it’s time to secure your piano for transport. Begin by removing anything from inside or on top of the piano – including any music books or other items that may be stored there. 

Once everything has been removed, cover the keys with blankets or moving pads and secure them tightly with packing tape or bungee cords, so they don’t move during transport. 

This is an important step because if any keys become damaged during transit, it could cost hundreds of dollars in repairs!

Moving Your Piano

The next step is moving your precious cargo. Start by placing one slider under each leg of the piano – two on each side so that they form an X shape when viewed from above. 

Carefully lift one end of the instrument until it rests securely on both sliders/dollies, and repeat this process with the other end. 

Now that your instrument is secured and balanced on each end, slowly begin pushing/pulling it towards its destination (with help from your friends!). Take extra precautions when negotiating tight corners or staircases – these can be especially tricky!

Conclusion: How to Move a Baby Grand Piano

Moving a baby grand piano might seem intimidating – but with careful prep work and plenty of help from friends and family members willing to lend a hand (literally!), it doesn’t have to be overly stressful! 

With this step-by-step guide on How to Move a Baby Grand Piano, you’ll have all the information necessary to make sure your beloved musical instrument arrives safely at its new home without any damage along the way. Good luck – we know you’ll do great!

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