How to Play Pray on Piano (Beginner’s Guide)

Do you want to know How to Play Pray on Piano? Everyone loves the beautiful, uplifting sounds of the piano. 

Whether a beginner or an advanced player, playing Pray on the piano is an easy and enjoyable way to learn new techniques and increase your skill level. This piece is perfect for beginners who want to learn a classic song that many people know and love. 

Let’s explain what you need to know to play this inspiring song.

How to Play Pray on Piano

Left Hand Chords

The left-hand plays the chords throughout most of this piece. The chords used are A Minor 7, G Major 7, F# Minor 7, and E Major 7. Playing these chords with both hands will help create a fuller sound that brings out Pray’s emotion. 

Begin by practicing each chord separately at first, then gradually speed up the tempo until you can easily play the whole song.

Right Hand Melody

The melody for Pray is fairly simple and relies heavily on repeated notes. By breaking down each section into smaller chunks, it will be easier to master this part of the song. 

Spend time practicing each phrase with both hands together before trying it out with just your right hand. Using a metronome to keep track of your tempo and stay consistent throughout the piece would be best.

Right-Hand Accompaniment  In addition to playing the melody with your right hand, you’ll also want to add some simple accompaniment lines. These will give your performance more depth and texture without detaining from the main melody line. 

Try adding some eighth notes or triplets here and there—make sure they don’t overpower the original melody!

Conclusion: How to Play Pray on Piano

Learning to play Pray on the piano is a great way for beginners to expand their repertoire while mastering basic piano techniques like left-hand chords and right-hand accompaniment patterns. With practice and patience, anyone can learn this beautiful piece quickly! 

Whether you’re learning for personal enjoyment or performing for others, you’ll be sure to wow them with your newfound skills! Good luck!

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