How to Play Everything Is Awesome on the Piano

Have you ever heard the song “Everything Is Awesome” from The Lego Movie and wanted to learn how to play it on the piano? If so, you’re lucky—this tutorial will teach you how to do that! 

In this article, we’ll cover How to Play Everything is Awesome on the Piano, from the chords used in the song to some simple exercises for practicing your skills. Let’s get started!

How to Play Everything Is Awesome on the Piano

The Chords Used in “Everything Is Awesome”

The first step in learning how to play this popular tune is understanding which chords are used. While this song is not overly complicated, it does feature a few different chords, including C major, G major, A minor, F major, and D minor. 

After you understand these chords and their fingerings on the piano keyboard, you can move on to learning the notes and rhythms of the song.

Getting Ready for Performance

Once you grasp which chords are used in “Everything Is Awesome” and where they fall on the keyboard, you can start working on your performance. 

To begin with, try playing along with a Metronome at a slow tempo. This will help you keep your timing accurate while playing each chord correctly. Then gradually increase your speed until you reach your desired tempo. 

That way, when it comes time for an actual performance or recording session, playing will be second nature, and everything will be smooth sailing from there!

Practicing Your Skills

Once all that’s done, practice makes perfect for mastering this tune. Try repeatedly playing different sections of the song until they come naturally to you or even incorporate improvisation into your performance if desired. 

There are plenty of possibilities for getting creative here—from changing up the rhythm patterns within certain sections of the song or altering chord progressions altogether—so don’t be afraid to experiment and make something awesome!


Conclusion: How to Play Everything Is Awesome on the Piano

Learning to play “Everything Is Awesome” on the piano is fun and rewarding! With this tutorial under your belt, all that’s left is practicing those chords until they become second nature and putting together a fantastic performance of this classic tune! 

So take some time to create something magical today—you never know what could happen when music meets creativity!

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