How to Play Demons on Piano (Simple Steps)

Are you wondering How to Play Demons on Piano

If you are an Imagine Dragons fan, you’ve probably heard their hit single “Demons.” It is an amazing song that uses some great piano chords and melodies. But if you need to learn how to play the piano, learning how to play this song can be daunting. 

Don’t worry – with a few simple steps and some practice, anyone can learn how to play “Demons” on the piano!

How to Play Demons on Piano 

Step 1: Learn the Chords

The first step in learning “Demons” is understanding the chords. The main melody of the song is built off three chords—G minor (Gm), C major (C), and D major (D)

So start by playing each chord separately and get familiar with them. Once you have those down, try playing them in order—Gm, C, D. Make sure you focus on getting the transition between each chord smooth and seamless. 

An excellent way to practice this is by playing each chord twice before moving on to the next one.

Step 2: Add in Melodies

Once you have the chords down pat, add some melodies over the top. This part of the song requires a lot of repetition, so take your time when practicing it. Start slowly and gradually increase your speed as you become more comfortable. 

As long as you keep up with your practice sessions and stay focused, you will soon master this song section!

Step 3: Put It All Together. 

Now that you have both parts down—the chords and melody—it’s time to combine them and play the full song! Start slowly once again so that all the pieces come together smoothly, and then pick up speed until you can comfortably play at a normal tempo. 

As with any skill or piece of music, practice makes perfect, so don’t get discouraged if it takes time for everything to click right!

Conclusion: How to Play Demons on Piano

Learning to play “Demons” on the piano may seem daunting, but with patience and dedication, anyone can do it! Start by learning the chords, then add some melodies before finally putting everything together into one cohesive piece. 

With enough practice, this classic Imagine Dragons hit will soon flow out of your fingers like second nature!

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