What Rapper Is in Ozark Season 4 (Trap Manny)

The hit Netflix show, Ozark, is back for its fourth and final season. One of the most talked-about characters in this season is none other than the rapper Navarro.

He’s played by a real-life rap artist, Trap Manny. If you’re curious about who Trap Manny is and what he brings to the table for Ozark Season 4, read on!

What Rapper Is in Ozark Season 4 

Who Is Trap Manny?

Trap Manny is a Miami-based rapper who has been making music since 2013. His discography includes three full-length albums—Manny World, Beamer Music 2, and Trapmanny—as well as several EPs and mixtapes. 

He’s best known for his singles “So Good” and “My Shooter.” He also produces his beats and writes all of his lyrics.

In addition to rapping, Trap Manny has also had roles in films such as Uncle Drew and The First Purge. He was even featured on an episode of Empire back in 2016. Now he’s taking on a new challenge—a role in Ozark Season 4!

What Role Does Trap Manny Play in Ozark?

Trap Manny plays Navarro, a character who works for Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman). Navarro runs a hip-hop label called Grit Recordings that Marty uses as a front for laundering money through the drug trade. 

Navarro is confident but also ruthless in business matters; he often wields violence as a tool for efficiently getting things done. 

In short, Navarro is a compelling figure in the criminal underworld of Ozark.


Trap Manny will be causing plenty of trouble in Ozark Season 4! Not only does he bring his dynamic rap skills to the show, but his experience as an actor from previous projects like Uncle Drew and Empire makes him perfect for the role of Navarro. 

If you haven’t already seen it, check out Ozark Season 4, now streaming on Netflix! You won’t be disappointed!

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