What Rapper Has the Most Kids

Do you want to know what rapper has the most kids?

When it comes to rap music, there are a lot of interesting facts about some of our favorite artists. One thing that is often discussed is the number of kids each rapper has. 

A few rappers have had quite a few children over the years, so let’s look at who has the most kids in rap.

What Rapper Has the Most Kids

Snoop Dogg

First, let’s talk about one of the most prolific rappers out there regarding having children – Snoop Dogg

He has an impressive seven children! Snoop’s oldest son is 25, and his youngest daughter is 9. His oldest daughter, Cori Broadus, recently made headlines when she released her music and collaborated with her father on some songs.

Gucci Mane

Next up is Gucci Mane, with six kids. His oldest son is 15, and his youngest son just turned one this year! Gucci Mane is known for being very proud of his family and loves showing off pictures of them on social media. He also mentors young aspiring artists from his hometown in Alabama through his record label, 1017 Records.


Another rapper with six kids is T-Pain. His oldest daughter is 19, and his youngest son was born last year. T-Pain has been very open about being a father, and he often talks about how parenting can be challenging but rewarding all at the same time.

He even released an album in 2017 called “Oblivion” dedicated to his kids and their future success.


So there you have it – between Snoop Dogg, Gucci Mane, and T-Pain, they have 19 children! These three rappers are successful in their careers and great fathers to their many children. 

As they continue to make music and mentor younger generations, we can only hope that they will continue to inspire more people worldwide to follow their dreams and achieve greatness no matter what obstacles come their way!

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