What Chords Are in the Key of C Minor?

Are you wondering what chords are in the key of C Minor

Whether you are a beginner guitar or piano player, understanding chords is essential to learning how to play music. 

Knowing which chords work together and what chords make up the key of C minor can help you better understand music theory and expand your repertoire. Let’s dive into what chords are in the key of C minor and how to use them.

What Chords Are in the Key of C Minor

The Basics of Music Theory

Before we get into what chords are in the key of C minor, it’s important first to cover some basic music theory concepts. A “key” is an organized collection of notes that sound good together, while a “chord” is three or more notes played at once. 

In the case of C minor, all notes will be from the C-minor scale—C, D♭, E♭, F, G♭, A♭ , and B♭.

The Major Chords in C Minor

To determine what major chords are in this key, we need to decide which notes are a part of each chord. The I chord (also called tonic) is made up of the root note (C), 3rd (E♭), and 5th (G), while the IV chord consists of F, A♭ , and C. The V chord contains G♭, B♭ , and D♭ as its notes. 

This means that in the key of C minor, there are three major chords—Cmaj7 (I), Fmaj7 (IV), and Gbmaj7 (V).

The Minor Chords in C Minor

The II chords (also known as supertonic) consist of D♭, F, and A♭; III has E♭, G♭ , and B♭; VI has A♭, C, and E♭; VII has B♭ DˆF; X has DˆF#A#D; XI has E#G#B#D#; XII has FxA#CxE; XIIIhas GxBxDxF#; XIVhas AxCxE xG#and XVhas BxDxF xA#as its respective notes. This means that in the key of c minor, there are thirteen minor chords—Dm7b5 (II), Em7b5 (III), Am7b5(VI), Bm7b5(VII), Dm7(X), Em7(XI), Fm6/9(XII), Gm6/9(XIII), Am6/9(XIV), Bm6/9(XV).


Chords can initially seem intimidating, but they don’t have to be! Learning what chords make up each musical key can help you build your understanding quickly so you can start creating beautiful pieces with ease. We hope this article helps you better understand what chords are in the key of c minor so you can start playing those tunes effortlessly!

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