How to Play Run to You Chords (Easy Guide)

Are you looking for a new challenge in your guitar playing? The Run to You chords, popularized by Whitney Houston, is a great way to expand your guitar skills. 

Playing this classic song is not only fun, but it’s also an excellent way to practice your barre chords and open chords. 

Let’s get started!

How to Play Run to You Chords

The Basics of the Song

Run to You was released by Whitney Houston in 1985. Jud Friedman and Allan Rich wrote it, and it became one of the most popular songs of the decade. 

It’s a mid-tempo ballad with a catchy melody that will impress any audience. As far as difficulty goes, this song is relatively easy to learn, but some exciting chord progressions make it unique and challenging.

Chord Progression

The Run To You chords follow the following progression: C – G/B – Am7 – F – Dm7 – G/B – Am7 – F – C/G – F – C/G – G/B – Am7 -F – Dm7 – G/B–Am7–F–C

This progression follows a pattern that repeats itself several times throughout the song. The first two chords (C and G/B) are barre chords on different frets, while all others are open-position chords on different strings.

Technique Tips

When playing these particular chord progressions, you should keep a few things in mind: 

First, be sure to use plenty of vibratos when switching between barre and open-position chords. This will help add character and depth to your playing. 

Second, try not to rush through any chord changes; take your time to nail those transitions cleanly. 

Finally, ensure your timing is spot-on; if you’re off even slightly, it will ruin the song’s groove!

Conclusion: How to Play Run to You Chords

If you’ve been looking for a good challenge for your guitar-playing skills, then look no further than Run To You by Whitney Houston

This classic song has some great chord progressions that will test your knowledge of barre positions and open-position chords. With some practice and dedication, you should have this classic tune down quickly!

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