How to Play Oceans on the Piano (3 Simple Steps)

Are you wondering How to Play Oceans on the Piano

Playing the piano is a great way to relax and express yourself musically. One of the most popular songs of recent years is Hillsong United’s “Oceans.” If you want to learn how to play this song on the piano, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll show you how easy playing Oceans on the piano can be in just three simple steps.

How to Play Oceans on the Piano

Step 1: Learn the Right-Hand Notes and Chords

The first step is to learn the right-hand notes and chords for “Oceans.” This song uses only a few basic chords, so it should be quick for beginners to get up and run. The chord progression for “Oceans” is Dm7 – C – G – Dm7/F – Bb/D – F – Gsus4/E

It may look difficult at first, but once you familiarize yourself with these chords, playing them will become second nature.

Step 2: Practice Basic Chord Progressions

Now that you know the chords for “Oceans,” it’s time to practice them in different combinations. Start by practicing a four-chord progression that cycles through these chords (Dm7 – C – G – Dm7)

Once you have that down, try playing an eight-chord progression that begins with a Dm7 chord and then moves into other combinations of these four chords (Dm7/F – Bb/D – F – Gsus4/E)

It would help if you also practiced transitioning between each chord smoothly and evenly so that your performance sounds natural and effortless.

Step 3: Memorize The Lyrics And Melody

The last step is memorizing the lyrics and melody of “Oceans.” This will help you stay on track when performing this song on the piano. 

If possible, try listening to a recording of someone singing or playing “Oceans” while following along with your playing until you feel comfortable enough with both elements of this song. 

Once you can play both parts without any issues, congratulations—you are now ready to perform “Oceans” on the piano!

Conclusion: How to Play Oceans on the Piano

Learning how to play Oceans on the piano doesn’t have to be overwhelming or difficult—it can be fun! 

By following these three simple steps—learning right-hand notes and chords, practicing basic chord progressions, and memorizing lyrics and melody—you should have no problem mastering this beautiful piece in no time! So don’t wait any longer—start learning to play Oceans today!

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