How to Play Ella by Junior H on Guitar (Step by Step)

Are you wondering how to play Ella by Junior H on guitar

Have you been looking for a way to up your guitar game? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll be going over the basics of how to play Junior H’s hit song “Ella” on the guitar. 

Whether a beginner or an experienced guitarist, this song is a great place to start if you want to hone your skills and learn something new. 

So, let’s get started!

How to Play Ella by Junior H on Guitar

Step 1: Get Familiar with the Chord Progression

The first step in learning any song is to get familiar with the chord progression. In this case, the chords for “Ella” are Am (A minor), F (F major), G (G major), and C (C major). 

Once you have these down, practice transitioning between them until it becomes second nature.

Step 2: Learn the Strumming Pattern

Next up is learning the strumming pattern. For “Ella,” you’ll use a combination of downstrokes and upstrokes on each chord. Start slowly and gradually increase your speed as you become more comfortable. Here’s a quick breakdown of how it should look:

Am = Down-Up-Down-Up   – F = Up-Down-Up-Down   – G = Down-Up-Down   – C = Down-Down-Up-Down

Once you have all these parts mastered, move on to step three! 

Step 3: Put It All Together

Now that you know all the chords and strumming patterns, it’s time to put it together and play through the entire song. Start slowly and work your way up as you get comfortable with each part of the song. Before long, you’ll be playing “Ella” like a pro! 


Learning how to play Ella by Junior H on guitar can seem daunting at first, but it doesn’t have to be! 

Just take things one step at a time—start with getting familiar with the chords, then move on to mastering the strumming pattern before finally putting everything together into one cohesive performance. 

With enough practice, anyone can learn how to play this classic hit like a pro! College students or experienced guitarists can use this blog post as their go-to guide when learning “Ella” by Junior H on guitar

The steps are straightforward enough for any level of guitarist, so don’t be intimidated—give it a try today!

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