How to Play Coal by Tyler Childers on Guitar (Beginner’s Guide)

Are you wondering how to play Coal by Tyler Childers on guitar? Are you a guitar player looking for a new challenge? 

If so, Tyler Childers’ song “Coal” is the perfect tune for you. It is an enjoyable and upbeat tune to practice and will also help hone your skills as a guitarist. 

Let’s look at how you can play this song on guitar.

How to Play Coal by Tyler Childers on Guitar

Chords Used In The Song

The chords used in “Coal” are D major, C major, A minor, and G major. With these four chords, you can play the entire song. 

To sound accurate and clean, it is important to make sure you use the correct fingerings when playing these chords. 

Also, make sure you practice transitioning between each chord smoothly and quickly. This will ensure that your rendition of the song sounds natural and smooth.

Rhythm And Strumming Pattern

Once you have become comfortable with the chords used in “Coal,” it is time to practice the rhythm and strumming pattern of the song. 

The main rhythm throughout this song is an 8th-note pattern, meaning that every beat should be evenly divided into two smaller moments. 

The strumming pattern involves playing downstrokes on all 8th notes except the first 8th note, which should be played as an upstroke instead. 

It may take some time to get used to this rhythm and strumming pattern but keep practicing until it feels natural and fluid on your guitar.

Adding Dynamics To Your Playing

Now that you have mastered the essential elements of playing “Coal” on guitar, it is time to add dynamics. 

This includes adding volume swells or hammer-ons/pull-offs during certain song sections and using different picking techniques, such as alternate picking or sweep picking, depending on your preference. 

These dynamic elements will add depth and texture to your performance of this great tune by Tyler Childers!


Learning how to play Coal by Tyler Childers on guitar can be challenging and rewarding! Start by learning the chords used in the song before focusing on mastering its rhythm and strumming pattern. 

Once those basics are solidified, move on to adding dynamics, such as volume swells or hammer-ons/pull-offs during certain song sections, to give your performance more depth and texture! With dedication and hard work, you’ll soon be ready to show off your fantastic rendition of Coal by Tyler Childers!

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