How to Play Clocks on Piano (Beginner’s Guide)

Are you wondering How to Play Clocks on the Piano?

If you’re a piano enthusiast and love playing your favorite songs, you may have heard of the song “Clocks” by the British band, Coldplay. 

“Clocks” is a beautiful and popular song, and many piano players love to perform it. If you’re interested in learning how to play Clocks on piano, you’re in luck because we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide to help you do just that.

How to Play Clocks on Piano

Listen to the Song

Before you start playing Clocks on the piano, it’s important to listen to the song carefully. Pay attention to the melody, rhythm, and chords. This will help you get a better understanding of the music and make it easier to play.

Get Familiar with the Chords

Clocks is a song with a simple chord progression that repeats throughout the song. The chords you need to know are B flat major, F major, G minor, and E flat major. Practice playing these chords until you can switch between them quickly and smoothly.

Learn the Melody

After getting familiar with the chords, it’s time to learn the melody. Start by playing the melody with your right hand while holding down the chords with your left hand. Practice playing both the melody and the chords until you can play them smoothly.

Put it All Together

Once you’ve got the melody and chords down, it’s time to put them together. Start by playing the simple chords for the intro, then add the melody. Once you’ve got the intro down, move on to the verse and chorus, and continue practicing until you can play the whole song smoothly.

Play with Feeling

One of the things that make Clocks such a beautiful song is the emotion it conveys. To truly do the song justice, you need to play it with feeling. 

Pay attention to the dynamics and expression marks in the sheet music, and try to play the song with the same emotion and energy as the original recording.

Conclusion: How to Play Clocks on Piano

Learning how to play Clocks on the piano may seem challenging, but with practice and dedication, it’s definitely doable. 

Remember to take it one step at a time, starting with listening to the song, then familiarizing yourself with the chords, learning the melody, and putting it all together. And above all, play with feeling to truly bring the song to life.

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