How to Move a Spinet Piano (Easy Guide)

Do you want to know How to Move a Spinet Piano

Moving a spinet piano is no small feat. It is a large, cumbersome instrument that requires careful planning and expertise to move correctly. 

The following guide will help you ensure that your beloved spinet piano gets safely relocated without damaging the instrument or the surrounding property.

How to Move a Spinet Piano

Gathering the Right Materials and Equipment

The first step in moving a spinet piano is gathering all the materials and equipment needed for the job. This includes moving blankets and furniture straps for securing the piano and a hand truck and dolly for transporting it. 

Additionally, having a few extra people on hand to assist with lifting and maneuvering can be helpful.

Preparing Your Piano for Transport

Next, you should carefully prepare your piano for transport by removing all items from its interior, such as music books or sheet music stands, before wrapping it up in several layers of moving blankets and securing it with furniture straps. 

Taking these steps will ensure that your spinet piano remains safe during transit. Additionally, if your spinet has legs attached to it, they should be removed before attempting to move it, as this will make it much easier to maneuver around tight corners or up/down stairs in its new location.

Transporting Your Spinet Piano

Once your spine has been properly prepared for transport, you can begin loading it onto the dolly or hand truck using an appropriate technique (such as two people lifting one end at a time). 

Keep the center of gravity low by avoiding sudden movements or jerks while carrying your instrument—this could cause unnecessary strain on you and your piano! 

Once loaded onto the dolly/hand truck, be cautious when going down ramps or stairs to avoid tipping over or dropping your precious cargo.

Conclusion: How to Move a Spinet Piano

Moving a spinet piano may seem daunting, but proper planning and preparation can be quite easy — especially if you have some extra hands helping out! 

By following this guide and gathering all the necessary supplies beforehand, you can rest assured that your beloved instrument will make its journey unscathed! 

We hope this article helps relieve some of the stress of relocating your spinet piano so you can enjoy its beautiful sound in its new home without worry!

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