How to Become a K-Pop Star in BitLife (Easy Guide)

Are you wondering how to become a K-Pop star in BitLife? 

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a K-Pop star? With the popular game BitLife, you can make that dream a reality! 

In this article, we’ll explain how to become a K-Pop star in BitLife and what it takes to make it big. So grab your mic and get ready to learn about becoming a K-Pop star!

How to Become a K-Pop Star in BitLife

Getting Started

The first step is creating your character. When you start the game, you can randomly generate your character or customize them yourself. 

If you customize them, select “Korea” as your country of origin. This will give you some advantages later in the game when it comes time for auditions.

Once your character is created, it’s time to begin making decisions impacting your life path. As with any career path in BitLife, the choices made early on will affect later opportunities. 

It’s important that your character follows through with school and maintains good grades throughout their academic career; this will open up more options once they graduate high school and move into adulthood. 

Additionally, if they stay active by playing sports or joining clubs—especially those related to music—that will also help build their skill set and increase their chances of success later on.

Auditioning for a Record Label

Once your character has reached adulthood (18+ years old), they can begin auditioning for record labels. To do this, click on the “Career” tab at the top of the screen and scroll down until you see “Music Star” as an available job option. 

You can then select which type of music star you want your character to be (i.e., Pop Star, Rock Star, etc.). Select “K-Pop Star” from this list and then hit “Audition” (make sure that you are still located in Korea when auditioning). 

Once selected, there is no guarantee that your character will get signed by a record label; it all depends on their stats, such as attractiveness, charisma, and luck. If successful, congratulations—you are now officially a K-Pop star!

Climbing The Charts

Success as a K-Pop star requires hard work and dedication; however, it can be gratifying if done right! 

After signing with a label, focus on recording albums and releasing singles – this is how stars generate money from streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music (you can even buy virtual concert tickets!). 

You should also take advantage of social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter to promote yourself—the more followers/likes/shares/comments you have means more potential fans who may buy tickets for shows or stream/purchase music! 

Working hard now will help ensure success later, so keep at it!


Becoming a K-Pop star in BitLife is challenging, but it can be gratifying if done right! As with any career path in Bitlife, success takes hard work and dedication—and lots of luck too! 

By following our guide above– creating an appropriate character, staying focused throughout school, finding ways to build relevant skills, auditioning for record labels, and finally promoting yourself –you should be able to make it big as a K-pop star!

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