How to Play Drops of Jupiter Chords

Are you wondering how to play Drops of Jupiter chords? Are you ready to get melodious? Aspiring guitarists, listen up! 

We’re about to dive into how to play “Drops of Jupiter” by Train. This classic song is a staple for college students and aspiring guitarists alike. So grab your guitar, and let’s learn some chords!

Drops of Jupiter Chords

Chord Progression

The song follows a standard chord progression—D, Em, G, A7—meaning all four chords are used. The D chord is the first one we have to learn. You can start by placing your fingers on strings 2 and 3 at the second fret. 

Then, use your index finger to press down on string 1 at the second fret and your middle finger on string 4 at the third fret. Strum all these strings together for a D chord.

The next chord we need to tackle is an Em chord. To do this one, keep your pointer finger and ring finger where they are but move your middle finger up to string 5 at the second fret. 

Your index finger should stay on string 1 at the second fret while your pinky goes down onto string 6 at the third fret. Play all these strings together for an Em chord.

Next up is a G chord. Put your pointer finger back down onto string 3 at the third fret and then add in your middle finger onto string 4 at the fourth fret while keeping everything else in a place with the other two fingers (index on 2nd fret of string 1; pinky on 3rd fret of string 6). 

Now strum all six strings for a G chord! Then comes an A7 which involves moving everything up one more space—so the pointer moves from 3rd to 4th; middle from 4th to 5th; index from 2nd to 3rd; and finally, pinky from third to fourth frets respectively on each respective strings 1-4 & 6 (no changes for 5th string). After you strum all six strings together, you have an A7!

Now if you have gone through this progression playing each chord twice, it would look like this: D-D-Em-Em-G-G-A7-A7.

Conclusion: Drops of Jupiter Chords

Now that we’ve gone over how to play “Drops of Jupiter Chords” by Train using its signature chords, it’s time for you to make some music! 

Get out there and practice those chords until they become second nature so that you can bring that beautiful melody alive today!

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