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  • John Farnham
    John Farnham

    English born Australian pop singer John Farnham has a tremendous career, and he will soon be touring Australia in 2017 and 2018. Since signing a...

  • Evanescence

    Evanescence is an American Rock band who released their first full length album Fallen in 2003 and would go on to sell more than 17 million...

  • Sam Newton
    Sam Newton

    Folk and Country singer/songwriter Sam Newton has been touring all over Australia leading up to his headlining set at Cully Fest as well as the...

  • Anthony Callea
    Anthony Callea

    Anthony Callea has come an incredibly long way since placing as the runner-up on Australian Idol in 2004. Anthony’s first ever single, “The...

  • Guy Sebastian
    Guy Sebastian

    Guy Sebastian is the only male Australian artist to ever earn six number one singles and two number one albums in the history of the charts. To...

  • Kate Miller-Heidke
    Kate Miller-Heidke

    Kate Miller-Heidke is an Australian award winning singer/songwriter known for her blend of pop, folk, and opera. Kate's new album Live at the...

  • The Beautiful Monument
    The Beautiful Monument

    The Beautiful Monument is an exciting alternative rock band out of Australia that we’re excited to highlight. The all-female band dropped their...

  • Ben Ransom
    Ben Ransom

    Ben Ransom is an Australian country singer, but don’t peg him to one genre because Ben is incredibly versatile. Borrowing influences from a...

  • Christie Lamb
    Christie Lamb

    Christie Lamb is an English gone Australian country songstress who has been steadily carving out a lane for herself. Christie released her...

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Sunset Blush Melbourne

Sunset Blush Melbourne

12/16/17 09:00:00PM
Tago Mago

Sunset Blush Melbourne

Sunset Blush Melbourne

12/16/17 09:09:00PM
Tago Mago

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By Admin
09/16/17 05:50:00PM
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SoundCloud BandMag Feature

The SoundCloud feature is currently unavailable due to SoundCloud changing their service. We are hoping that this feature will be back as soon as possible and we will keep you posted on any new news we may recieve on the topic.

In the meantime, you can still upload your files, easily and directly to BandMag via your Audio section of your profile http://bandmag.com/uploaded_audio/create


By Admin
08/18/17 05:34:00PM
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Bow Wow's 2017 Australian Tour

Bow Wow's 2017 Australian Tour

Bow Wow, formerly Lil’ Bow Wow, will be embarking upon a complete 14 stop tour across Australia. Bow Wow will be hitting major cities like Sydney (twice), Melbourne, Perth, and several regional cities in between. Bow Wow’s “Australian Tour 2017” looks to be quite the run for the rapper brought up under hip-hop legends Snoop Dogg and Puff Daddy. Bow Wow is currently recording his final album, NYLTH, and will then retire from rap. Not only does this look to be the twilight run for the veteran rapper who saw his rise in mid 2000’s, but the tour in itself looks to be an incredible experience.

Keep up with Bow Wow on your social media and streaming service of choice and don’t miss Bow Wow on his “Australian Tour 2017”, possibly his last tour of Australia ever. This won’t be the last time Australia see’s Bow Wow, however, as in 2016 he was named host of the Australian Hit Network’s radio show “RnB Fridays” with his own segment, “RnB Friday Nights”

Bow Wow saw his rise predominantly as a rapper, but has also become more known as an actor over the years, making his movie debut in All About the Benjamins and later working in Hollywood films like Need For Speed: Tokyo Drift and Hurricane Season. Bow Wow really is a man of diverse talents, and continues to make headlines for various ventures to this day.


By Admin
08/05/17 06:06:00PM
Tag: News

Bishop Briggs

Bishop Briggs

Bishop Briggs, or Sarah McLaughlin, was born in London to parents from Bishopbriggs, Scotland, the giveaway for Bishop’s professional name. Bishop Moved to Tokyo at a young age and began developing her musical influences and desires. She began writing her own songs at the young age of seven, and soon later moved to Hong Kong until she was 18. After graduating from H.K. International school, Bishop soon took the jump and moved to L.A. where she remains to be based in to this day.

In 2016 Bishop Briggs released the music video for her biggest song to date, “River”, a vintage cinematic piece for an anthem of a song, now sitting at a whopping 11m views. In June of 2017, Bishop dropped the video for the breakthrough song on her self-titled debut EP, “The Way I Do”, which is similarly amusing for another party of a track, soon surpassing 2m views and rapidly continuing to rise.

Briggs was first noticed at a 2015 performance when she was just starting and trying to play any possible venue, no matter the crowd size. Bishop Briggs would go on to record “Wild Horses”, which featured in an Acura commercial. Come January 2016 Bishop Biggs released the single “River” which was another commercial and overall success. Bishop would perform “River” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. In the Fall of that same year Bishop opened for Coldplay on several of their tour dates. Come April 2017, Bishop Briggs released her debut project, a self-titled EP that would include her previous hits “River” and “Wild Horses”. Bishop Briggs followed this up with a big tour across the U.S. and Canada, so definitely find her when she’s near you!


By Admin
07/24/17 06:29:00PM
Tag: News

BandMag, the Ultimate Destination for Music Artists and Fans!

New artists, new videos and what’s making waves in the music clouds, all of this with the power of social networking will soon become your daily routine in your lives with the launch of BandMag. This music lover’s exclusive website is nearing launch, and your first look will not disappoint, packing a powerful punch with features such as featured artists and bands, fan status updates and audio shares to the latest news, events and reviews.

BandMag is easy to use, and yet powerful with well-known networking tools and icons that allow artists to follow and connect with fans and vice versa. You get to create your own artist/fan pages, share music via popular music platforms, and create followings. New videos and artists show up-front so that no visitor misses out on what’s cool at any moment. And then there are blogs, forums, fan votes and top chart rankings. BandMag promises to be the world of music sitting right at one place waiting to be discovered by you.

If music connects the world, BandMag is another extension of its power. Visiting BandMag, you will always find something to go for, whether it is the social community, photo sharing, or dropping a line to your favourite artist or fellow fans. Finally, BandMag ensures that you never miss out on the latest new videos and artists displayed prominently on the homepage.

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Latest Comments
Re: Morth
08/06/17 07:21:33PM
By: joanne c

Even though I don't usually listen to this genre I find your style quite different from all the other bands. I find your song "Guilty Pleasure" quite refreshing. Your guitar skills are also totally...

Re: SunsetBlushband
08/06/17 07:53:21PM
By: joanne c

I really like your song "Perfect Universe". I think your style is super fresh and different. Thanks for giving your best when composing music. I love how your songs have meaning but you also don't...

Re: SunsetBlushband
08/30/17 08:16:59AM

Thank u Joanne. You might also like my Purple on the Inside Sunset Blush track on YouTube & iTunes now.

Re: Christie Lamb
08/06/17 08:08:32PM
By: joanne c

I just checked her out and her music and woah, she has a very strong and beautiful voice. She kind of combines country and pop but it's really balanced. There's something about the sound that just...

Re: Bishop Briggs
08/06/17 08:19:46PM
By: joanne c

I have this feeling that Bishop Briggs is gonna be big pretty soon. I like "River" and "Wild horses" a lot. She's so easy to listen to. This article is how I first found out about her and I'm happy...

Re: BandMag, the...
08/06/17 08:36:24PM
By: joanne c

I get bored easily and I'm always looking for new content to enjoy. I found 2 really cool artists since I joined BandMag. I like how everyday I can see what's cool at the moment. I just really like...

Re: Morth
08/06/17 11:07:53PM
By: Mitchell

Indeed... Morth is a great artiste. I love his songs as well as stage performance. Really keeps me wanting more.

Re: SunsetBlushband
08/06/17 11:16:12PM
By: Mitchell

I love this band. I'm glad to follow you here. I'd hope you keep us abreast with any of your latest songs and shows. Xoxo

Re: SunsetBlushband
08/30/17 08:20:25AM

Thanks Mitchell very appreciated
For iTunes YouTube gigs etc

Re: Christie Lamb
08/06/17 11:21:49PM
By: Mitchell

Just one of my favorite artiste. I love your style of music and composure. And your person... You're a great personality. Your talent is out of this planet. Lol. Keep killing it Girl!

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