How to See Lyrics on Spotify in a Few Easy Steps

Are you wondering how to see lyrics on Spotify in a few easy steps? 

Singing along to your favorite tunes is a great way to make the most of your music streaming experience. However, if you’re not sure what all the words are, it can be hard to keep up with the melody. 

Thankfully, Spotify has made it easy for you to view lyrics while you listen to your tunes. Here’s how you can access them in just a few easy steps.

How to See Lyrics on Spotify in a Few Easy Steps

Step 1: Launch Spotify

Launch Spotify and select a song from your library. Once the song starts playing, you should see the “lyrics” button on your screen.

This button looks like two lines of text with arrows pointing at them (as seen below). Click this icon, and lyrics will appear for that particular song.

Step 2: Update Spotify or Restart

If the lyrics don’t appear right away, they may need a few minutes to load before they become available for viewing on your device.

If the lyrics still don’t show up after several minutes, you may need to update Spotify or restart the app to appear correctly on your device.

Step 3: Search for Specific Songs

You can also search for specific songs using their lyrics as your query — type “lyrics + [song title]” into the search bar and select your desired track from the results page (as seen below).

From there, you should be able to open up that track’s info page and view its associated lyrics directly from within Spotify itself!


With these three simple steps, you can access your favorite songs’ lyrics in no time flat! 

Whether you’re looking for a new way to make karaoke night even more fun or want some help remembering those hard-to-remember verses, accessing song lyrics through Spotify is an easy way to get what you need without ever leaving the app itself!

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