How to Play Talking to the Moon on Piano (Simple Guide)

Are you wondering How to Play Talking to the Moon on Piano?

If you’re a piano enthusiast, you’re always looking for new music to play. Bruno Mars’ hit song “Talking to the Moon” is a beautiful track that can be adapted for the piano. 

The melody is simple yet emotional, and the chords are easy to learn. In this blog post, we’ll break down the song into an easy-to-follow guide with you playing “Talking to the Moon” on the piano in no time.

How to Play Talking to the Moon on Piano

The first step to learning “Talking to the Moon” on the piano is to understand the chords used in the song. Four chords repeat throughout the entire song: C, G, Am, and F

Practice playing these chords in order until you’re comfortable with the sounds and transitions between them. Once confident with the chords, you can move on to the melody.

The melody of “Talking to the Moon” is quite simple and repetitive, but it’s also incredibly emotional. Start by playing the first two notes, which are G and E. 

Once you’ve got that down, move on to the next two notes, F and D. Repeat this sequence several times, and before you know it, you’ll have the first section of the song memorized.

The next section of the song is also very repetitive, but it’s important to nail it down to play it smoothly. The notes here are E, D, C, and the chord progression is Am, C, G, F. 

Take your time with this part of the song, as it’s crucial to keep playing it until it is committed to your memory.

Moving on, we’ll now tackle the bridge section of the song. This part of the song is beautiful and emotional, requiring more practice to get it right. 

The chords used here are F, Am, G, and C, and there are several long notes that you’ll need to sustain while switching between chords. Remember to take it slow and steady and practice each chord transition until you can move between them without any mistakes.

Finally, you’ll want to assemble everything and run through the entire song. Start by playing the chords and gradually add in the melody until you’re comfortable playing everything together. 

Don’t worry if it takes a few tries to get it right; learning a new song takes time and patience. Keep practicing until you’ve got it down pat.

Conclusion: How to Play Talking to the Moon on Piano

Playing “Talking to the Moon” on the piano is a wonderful experience that can evoke strong emotions. With the guide provided in this blog post, you’ll be able to master the chords and melody of the song in no time. 

Remember to start slow and steady and practice each section of the song until you’re confident with each part. Before you know it, you’ll play “Talking to the Moon” easily and impress your friends and family. So sit at your piano, warm your keys, and start playing!

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