How to Play Amazing Grace on Piano With Chords

Are you wondering How to Play Amazing Grace on Piano With Chords?

Amazing Grace is one of the most beloved religious hymns ever. It’s a song that stirs strong emotions and can be used to celebrate and mourn. 

If you’re looking for a beautiful way to express those emotions, then learning how to play Amazing Grace on the piano is an excellent choice. Here’s what you need to know!

How to Play Amazing Grace on Piano With Chords

The Chords You Need To Know

Amazing Grace is composed in the key of C Major, which means it only uses white keys on the piano. The chords are C, Dmin7, Em, F, G7, and Am. To play these chords, your left hand will play root notes (the letter name of each chord) while your right-hand plays arpeggios (rolling broken chords). 

For example, when playing the C chord, your left-hand press down the note C while your right-hand plays out a rolling pattern from E-G-C-E. Once you’ve got the hang of these chords, you can use them as building blocks for more complex arrangements.

Getting The Beat Right

When playing Amazing Grace on the piano, it’s important to ensure you get the beat right. This song moves in 4/4 timing, with each measure having four beats per measure. 

The tempo should be kept steady and feel like a march or parade – like what you might hear at a funeral or military march. 

To help keep track of where you are in each measure, count 1-2-3-4 as you go along; this doesn’t mean that you have to say those numbers out loud, but they will help you stay on track while giving an excellent accompaniment to your playing!

Learning The Melody

Once you have mastered the chords and gotten used to counting out four beats per measure, it’s time to learn how to play the melody line for Amazing Grace. 

This is where things get really interesting because there are several different versions of this song, and each has its unique flavor! 

Here we will focus on learning how to play one version typically played during funerals or mourning services; this version has been around since 1835, so it’s certainly stood the test of time! 

To learn this melody line, start by finding the middle C on your keyboard, then play out an ascending scale until you reach E above the middle C – this is our starting note for Amazing Grace! 

From here, continue until G, then back down again until A, ending at middle C – and that’s it! Now all that remains is practicing until perfection!

Conclusion:How to Play Amazing Grace on Piano With Chords

Playing Amazing Grace on piano can be gratifying – not just musically but emotionally. While some may find it intimidating at first, once they understand how easy it can be, they quickly realize just how much fun they can have with learning such a beloved classic! 

Plus, mastering this song opens up opportunities for more complex arrangements and other renditions of this timeless masterpiece – so let’s get started today!

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