How To Play “How Deep Is Your Love Chords” On Guitar

If you’re an acoustic guitar player, chances are you’ve heard the classic Bee Gees song, “How Deep Is Your Love Chords.” 

It’s a beautiful, melodic tune that countless artists have covered throughout the years. So why not learn how to play it on your own? 

In this blog post, we’ll teach you how to play the chords for “How Deep Is Your Love” on guitar.

How Deep Is Your Love Chords

The Chords You Need To Know

The song begins with an A major chord, followed by a D major chord. Then you move into a D minor chord and an E7th chord

The chorus gets interesting; it starts with a G6th/B chord and moves into an Emaj7th/A# chord. After that comes another G6th/B, then back to an A major before ending on a D major chord.

Here’s what the full progression looks like: A – D – Dm – E7 – G6/B – Emaj7/A# – G6/B – A – D

Tips For Playing The Chords

When playing these chords, remember that they all require some fingerpicking to sound right. Make sure you practice each one slowly and carefully until you can play them without any mistakes. 

Once you have mastered all the chords, try strumming them together as if they were one long continuous phrase—this will make the song sound much smoother when you play it live or record it in a studio setting.


Learning how to play “How Deep Is Your Love” on guitar is fun and a great way to improve your fingerpicking skills! With some practice and dedication, you can master all of the chords necessary for this beautiful classic ballad. 

Once you have done so, feel free to experiment with different strumming patterns or add some extra notes here and there for added texture!

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