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By Admin
10/20/19 11:10:00PM
Tag: How to

How To Overcome Writer's Block?

How To Overcome Writer's Block?

The last thing you want when you write something is to encounter writer's block. This appears when you just can’t find a way to move the story or content onward. And while it seems superficial for some people, the reality is that a writer's block can end up affecting your productivity. But...

By jiaguo
08/03/19 05:28:00PM
Tag: Music

To improve this area of ?

Guitar performance, create two different guitar parts: a rhythm guitar strings (using a lower pitch) and a main guitar phrase (using most high pitch). Now, don't worry about making them too complicated. Once you've created two parts,...

By jeholeg
05/29/19 04:29:00PM
Tag: Trumpet

How To Find The Best Trumpet For Students

How To Find The Best Trumpet For Students

If you are new to the trumpet, or if you have a child that is just starting out, you are sure to come across the question of how to find the best trumpet for students.  Surprisingly, the answer doesn’t have to be that difficult.  Aside from borrowing one from the school, or renting one from...

By Admin
05/02/19 04:48:00PM
Tag: How to

How To Write A Song?

How To Write A Song?

Listening to a song is exciting and mesmerizing, but actually writing one is a bit trickier than you might imagine. It all comes down to knowing what to expect and to actively work hard to bring in your vision to life. That being said, here you have some tips that will make it easy to write a...

By Admin
04/21/19 05:08:00PM
Tag: How to

How To Read Music?

How To Read Music?

Reading sheet music as a beginner is never easy, especially if you find it challenging before actually starting. But it can be done and the most important thing is that there are lots of options to consider and keep in mind when it comes to reading music too.

The Grand Staff<br...

By Admin
03/27/19 09:07:00PM
Tag: How to

How to copyright your music?

How to copyright your music?

Protecting your music is just as important as making it. You see, without copyright you will not be able to retain the rights to your song. So people will be able to use it or even say that it’s theirs. Which is why it’s a very good idea to copyright your music as soon as you make it.<br...

By Admin
03/17/19 12:28:00AM
Tag: How to

How to get your music distributed?

How to get your music distributed?

Decades ago distributing music was quite the chore and it always brought in front some major challenges. But the reality is that music distribution is a lot faster and easier nowadays. You do need to keep in mind a few key aspects, and here are some of the things to consider!

By ElizaPt
03/04/19 07:49:00PM
Tag: Education

Essay Samples

Essay Samples

Essay Samples

Now we can discuss the part if samples in a great detail because the availabilities of options are immense in this concern and can be extremely beneficial for the writing company as well as the clients.

In connection to the formulation of control on the...

By Admin
03/02/19 06:05:00PM
Tag: How to

How to market your music on Social Media?

How to market your music on Social Media?

If you’re looking to promote your newly created music, then Social Media is one of the best avenues for that. It brings you a lot of exposure and the best part is that you do have lots of control over the promotional process to begin with. That being said, you do need a plan if you want to do...

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