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Playing On Emotions

Playing On Emotions

album: Timeline

genre: RnB

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About BigDru

Colorado Change Driver Recording Artist "BigDru"

Bringing Change to Colorado's Recording Industry, 

he's been working towards a Contemporary Sound, 

Being that Colorado was Once The Gate Way to HollyWood. 

If you made it in Colorado you had it Made, or you had made it in The Music 

Industry, and Entertainment business.

Many Recording Artist have already paved their way by making a name for 

themselves in Colorado. 

Colorado Springs is where BigDru is; born Andrew Ezell Wash in Richton, Mississippi, 

he moved to Colorado, he was just visiting Colorado, while visiting he became fond of the State and decided to Stay.

Staying here would prove a Blessing for him, because he started recording a few years after being in Colorado, he had already had a Musical Experience earlier in life in Mississippi, he's been featured on 96.1 The Beat, 98.9 Magic fm., he's Charted on many Charts, sold many albums, he's recently negotiated a Distribution Deal with Symphonic Distribution, his Album "BigDru: My Southern Roots" was first placed in Local Independent Record Stores here in Colorado. 

He's Been interviewed by UCCS a Business College here in Colorado Springs that has a Internet Radio Station. 

Colorado has a Real Jewel when it comes to BigDru, for many years Colorado has not received The Recognition as other States who have superseded in The Recording Arts, although Colorado has alot of Talent. 

In some ways BigDru has received that same endearment in Colorado, being that he's not from Colorado, this is a Story worth writing about,because how can a Artist Migrate from his Home State and then become the main attraction in HipHop/Rap, this same type of business so many have been striving to be The King In Colorado of, not BigDru, he just kept at it, now he's internationally Known, through Marketing Expertise he's here and is not going anywhere!

U Can Do It (BigDru feat. Tha Seekah)

by  BigDru

Currently  35th in Indie Rock

Indie Rock Band Networking - Local Scenes - The Deli Magazine

#31 BigDru

Colorado Springs, Colorado


Recording Artist: BigDru

Genre: Alternative


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