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What are the best misheard Lyrics?

last year
5 posts
Mine will probably be:

1. Lucy in Sky with Diamonds

Real Lyrics: A girl with a kaleidoscope eye
Misheard Lyrics: A girl with colitis is gone by

2. Replay

Real Lyrics: Stuck in my iPod like replay
Misheard Lyrics: My eyeball page is stuck
last year
5 posts
Pete Heller - Big Love
Real lyrics: I've been saving my loving
Misheard lyrics: I'm insane and I love it
Misheard Lyrics: I put sand in my oven LOL!


Real Lyrics: it's like a bad movie, she's looking through me
Misheard Lyrics: it's like a bad movie, she's looking groovy this one really does sound like that though!

and a good shout out to the person who mentioned BAD MOON RISING
I'm still laughing
bon bon
bon bon
one month ago
36 posts
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