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Where can I find the best music for drums?

last year
5 posts
I'm looking for a specific song in sheet music.
I'm just learning to drum and so I do not really know how to write it.
last year
5 posts
If you search on Google, you will be able to find different books that will help you learn the art of music transcription. What I learned with Gregg Bissonette was "Playing, Reading and Soloing and Band". It is a video and a companion book, sold separately. I did not see the video, but I was the owner of the book and it's fantastic. Hope this will work. Good luck, and happy drumming!
minls suka
minls suka
11 months ago
1 posts
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bon bon
bon bon
4 weeks ago
36 posts
The cabinet you shared really helped me. I hope you will provide more great information.
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