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Botas really need to be even better

By: xingwang
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Botas really need to be even better next season because he and Mercedes's current contract is a year sign, at any time may lose his position, and Mercedes-Benz team leader Wolf said publicly on the Red Bull The team's Australian cyclist, Ricardo, is interested: "We will continue to LOLGA partner with both drivers this season in 2018, but as I have already said, the 2019 is a very exciting new year and young drivers will gain more experience And some very good drivers like Ricardo will be free, and we are very concerned about his performance, and then we analyze and we will work hard to make the right decision. "

Massa, the Brazilian driver who has announced his retirement, recently said the 2017 Formula One car has tackled the tough performance of the car over the past few seasons, and the era of "car health" has finally come to an end. Brazilians also said the 2017 car reminded him of the three seasons that played for Ferrari during the 2006-2008 season when the V8 had similar performance.


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