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Belle and Brown this season

By: xingwang
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Belle and Brown this season, the link belt has been dedicated to the Steelers 3,000-yard push in the 14th week as the Patriots defeated, and put the Steelers on the throne of the All-Americans; Tom - Brady Although grade Over four seasons, but still can raise his hand out of the 3865 yards lead the league; second quarter quarterback Carson - Vents lead the eagle this season to Buy Madden 18 Coins regain freshman, but last week because of the knee injury season reimbursement, he won four Drew - Brisbane and the Seahawks quarterback Russell - Wilson (seventh) to varying degrees this season to give the fans a surprise; Los Angeles ram record gratifying attacking two major players running the Vatican Germany - Geli Li and Jared - Goff respectively ranked sixth, eighth; as the last one, may be beyond all expectations, that is Jacksonville Jaguar rookie running Leonardo - Fornet, This is also the only rookie to kill the top 10 votes.

Bell did not make it to the top ten in the All-Star vote last season, though Levon-Bell missed the pre-season camp for contractual reasons, but he still could not hold the ball alive this season. In addition to him, Steelers players overwhelmingly occupy the vote list, in their respective positions, a total of 20 Steelers ranked in the top ten in their position, the left tackle Alejandro - Villa Nueva, defensive guard David - Castro Castro, center Maucais - Pauchy, linebacker Ryan - Chazel, and the SWAT team player Taylor - Matakavic lead the AP in their respective positions, Quarterback - Roderice Bogle ranked third in the quarterback United third.


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