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The situation is relatively good

By: xingwang
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The situation is relatively good, is the Bundesliga six-overlord overlord Bayern, South Kings first defeat 2-1 away Sevilla away, with a ball advantage back to the Allianz Arena, Bayern qualifying situation overall is good, but Bayern still Faced with hardships. The Bundesliga massacre took place this season. Dortmund even met with Bayern who scored a big game. With almost no league check-in, and no need to FIFA Coins fight for the double line, he was faced with the current No. 1 ranking in La Liga. Even so hard to play, it also proved once again that the Champions League this tournament is different from the league.

In summary, this series of facts proves that the Champions League is completely different from the league. In the long battle of the league, strength, tactical system and stability of state are more important, but on the Champions League stage, the 180-minute game system of death and death has brought even greater contingencies and variables. The Champions League is not just a stage for champions to dance. Instead, it may become a hotbed for those who have their own leagues. Admit it, if you are a good thing to watch lively, such a game makes you very embarrassed!

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