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Lukaku all debut in the first 20 rounds of the season

By: xingwang
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"One from Tottenham, one from Monaco, and one more from Real Madrid. Can we buy 6-7 players in a transfer window? Can we get 600 million or 700 million pounds? No, no, No, we can not. "In the past few years there has been a trend in the transfer market where a club can buy players unlimitedly without restrictions, without financial fairness and hard to LOLGA catch up with them."

"Catch up with them? The only way we can say that is possible is patience and calm. I think next season we will buy two or three players and we will lose two or three players. Over time We need a step by step pursuit of the balance of the squad.Manchester United did invest money, but the question is not whether we have invested money, the problem is that other teams invest more, have a better lineup, and have more Many players choose. "

Lukaku all debut in the first 20 rounds of the season, and played full 1800 minutes of competition, the reporter asked Lukaku to ask whether to rest, Mourinho gave a negative answer: "He is good physique, But he was tired of not being a machine, but I could not rest Lucca, and now I need to pay tribute to Lucca, who played 20 Premiership games in a row, which is unbelievable for a striker If you are a center-back, a midfielder, you have control over your fitness and I'm only grateful for a forward who has played 20 league games. "


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